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Jonas Jerebko’s contract for $18 million?

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

Jerebko signed a four-year, $18 million deal today

That’s $2 million higher than the reported $16 million contract I thought was unnecessarily high.


  • Dec 10, 20113:48 am
    by Steve


    Considering the Pistons will more than likely be heavily relying upon Jerebko this season, 4 years and 18 million seems pretty reasonable.

    • Dec 10, 201110:50 am
      by tarsier


      He’s an RFA. It’s not about what’s reasonable. It’s about what he could have gotten elsewhere. And that isn’t close to $4.5M/yr! Come on, DUmars. Your goal should be to have underpaid guys on the roster whenever possible.

  • Dec 10, 20114:04 am
    by Gregoire


    Let´s hope that it doesn´t turn out the way it did with Max…5 Mio / year and not even in the rotation…that hurts….I think 3 Mio for Jerebko would´ve been fair considering his injury last year!

  • Dec 10, 20118:39 am
    by detroitpcb


    I do not understand what Joe is doing. JJ should have been offerred 3 mil, maybe 3.5 mil. Prince should have been offered no more than 6 mil. Stuckey should be offered no more than 7 mil.

    Our two best big men are currently Monroe and JJ with Cv and Big Ben coming off the bench. This is going to be ugly. i cannot believe that Joe has the gall to basically give us the same roster and crap we saw last year. i mean, Q was a coaching disaster and certainly to blame but the talent was also mismatched and the lack of a big man to defend the paint, rebound, and block shots was a glaring weakness. Ben was their best defender and he admits that he can only give about a 6 minute spurt these days.

  • Dec 10, 20119:30 am
    by Micah Wels


    We can’t get bent over on Joe D’s moves just yet.  No games have been played yet and sense JB has put on some weight he should be a double/double or close to guy.  I think that is good.  Letting RIP walk is good, lets see what happens with Stuck.  I think we are buying RIP contract because Joe D respect’s RIP.  A lot of things still need to happen before everyone gets ugly and mad.

    • Dec 10, 201110:54 am
      by tarsier


      It doesn’t matter how JJ will play next year because nobody knows that. What matters is how much value he has right now. And DUmars clearly signed him for more than that. Now we have to hope that he lives up to his deal instead of hoping that he outplays his deal. Very uncool. Underpaid assets (apart from guys on rookie deals and max contracts) are very rare in the league. The Pistons had a shot at having one. Now that has been blown.

  • Dec 10, 201111:22 am
    by Stephen


    Joe’s got money again. And he obviously believes in use it or lose it.

  • Dec 10, 201112:37 pm
    by tim


    very disappointing.   and jonas is my favorite current player (or close to it).  This contract is way beyond his market value.

  • Dec 10, 201111:15 pm
    by Max


    I find your doom and gloom hilarious as you all bitch and moan over Jerebko getting paid 500,000 more than you thought a year a day ago.  I was very happy he resigned and feared losing him.  Going into last season, I thought he would be one of the Pistons three best players. He will most certainly be a bargain in the end and the Pistons will address the big man issue once they ascertain how much money can be spent in regards to the buying out of RIP’s contract.    All of you accountants are crazy and don’t have a clue what it takes to win in the NBA.  Other than Oklahoma, and they are no champion, someone show me how penny pinching over each deal has ever benefited a winning team.  It is one thing to get so far under the cap that you can potentially get a superstar, but the Pistons have never been able to do so and probably never will.  Therefore, when you know you can’t get a top five NBA player via free agency, you have no reason to want to be under the cap because you are much better off a mixture of assets and contracts that can be turned into trades.  Being under the cap does not help much in this regard because while you can assume other teams players, you can not do so and also boast of depth.  The Pistons are at least two deep at every position and will add a piece.  If Brandon Knight eclipses Prince and Stuckey, then the Pistons will be great again.  If it takes him too long to do so or fails utterly, they will have an excellent chance at drafting a stud next year—and they may be able to do so in next year’s loaded draft even if he plays great.  Personally, I think they can be back to elite within two years.   Monroe is the man.

    • Dec 11, 201111:36 am
      by apa8ren9


      Thanks, Max.  I was starting to lose faith in my fellow Piston brethren. I agree with you.  We have to bide our time and execute our moves strategically.  It boggles my mind how we sometimes don’t look at the bigger picture.

    • Dec 11, 20118:50 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      “Other than Oklahoma, and they are no champion, someone show me how penny pinching over each deal has ever benefited a winning team.”

      Uh … the 2004 Detroit Pistons maybe?

      • Dec 12, 20112:29 am
        by Max


        Huh?  They weren’t helped in any way by getting under the cap.  They signed Billups to the midlevel because they were over the cap. In fact, their money situation was bad enough that it wasn’t even a possibility for them to retain Mehmet Okur following the title.   Don’t have a clue how you can tie to the formation of the 2004 title to penny pinching and willfully underpaying people.  They signed rich and appropriate contracts at every turn during their six year run in the conference finals and did stop short of grossly overpaying Ben Wallace (thought they offered nearly as much as Chi) if you want to call that penny pinching but it did not lead to a title  anyway.   Winning a title is about going all out and trying to acquire as many pieces as possible that fit together.   No one speaks of the fiscal responsibility of the teams that actually win titles though if Miami wins they will be the first.   Dallas’ team last year was so far above the cap that they can’t keep their team.  The underrated aspects of being over the cap are that a team tends to have ore attractive and varied pieces to use as trade assets and that it keeps a team ahead of the building curve of having to find ways over the course of a couple of years to get far enough above the cap to truly compete.  All of the top teams are invariably over the cap and they are usually way above the cap.  Part of the reason Miami lacks depth right now is that they went under the cap.  As they use their exceptions every year they will eventually boast both of depth and being way over the cap.

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