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Is Tim Tebow football’s Ben Wallace?

Everyone gets asked about Tim Tebow these days and being in Denver, I’m sure Nuggets coach George Karl hasn’t fielded his last Tebow question of the season. Karl recently talked to Ben Hochman of the Denver Post about who the NBA’s Tebow is:

Asked what NBA players remind him of Tebow, Karl took a moment and then said: “With the will to win, Manu Ginobili is the type of guy, he has this exuberance of – we’re going to win the (darn) game with effort, passion and commitment. He’s the first guy that came to mind.

“A guy who wins it on his heart more than his skills – Ben Wallace. He was an undersized, defensive player who can’t score, but won a championship.”

Sorry, not to say that Wallace doesn’t have heart because he does, but I hate the “heart more than skills” meme when it comes to Wallace. Watch the in-his-prime Ben single-handedly smother a pick and roll and tell me he doesn’t have incredible skills. Wallace, Dwight Howard, Dennis Rodman, Kevin Garnett and maybe only one or two others are the only big man defenders I’ve seen with that kind of skill level in my lifetime.


  • Dec 13, 201110:30 am
    by Sean


    For nearly all of his career, Ben Wallace has made a positive impact on the court for every minute he plays, free throws excepted. Wallace didn’t win in spite of a lack of talent, he won in spite of a lack of size. He’s like a defensive Drew Brees. He had the skills to be the most dominant defensive player in the league for several years. He had the strength and athleticism to block shots, grab rebounds, and body up against big players and the intelligence to be the league’s top help-side defenders.

    Where his heart comes in is in his ability to impose his will on opposing players for 30 minutes per night for 82 games a year. Tim Tebow has never dominated anything except media coverage.

  • Dec 13, 201111:08 am
    by Biff Tannen


    No need to get too defensive, it was really a compliment to Wallace. While I don’t agree with him, I think he was speaking in terms of “superstars” in the NBA. Wallace was a superstar in spite of having the typical skill set an NBA superstar would own.

  • Dec 13, 201112:43 pm
    by kevin s.


    I think a better analogy is Chauncey Billups. Tebow is successful for doing things for which he does not get enough credit (esp. running the ball) and for things he does not do (turn the ball over). He gets 425 yards of offense per turnover.
    Turnovers in football are even more disastrous than in basketball.
    Of course, it makes little sense to attribute wins to “heart”, though it’s fair to say that much of defense in basketball is about conditioning and effort. Tebow is not winning because of heart, but because he is much, much better than Kyle Orton, is surrounded by decent players, and has won some tossup games.

    • Dec 13, 20114:06 pm
      by tarsier


      And because he is arguably tougher than Roethlisberger. But yeah, a lot of those championship Pistons excelled at underrated things. Heart et al is if anything overrated in sports. But Sheed’s one-on-one post D, Ben’s offensive rebounding, Chauncey’s ability to not turn it over, Rip’s ability to hit what would be really low percentage shots for most, and Prince’s ability to not get pushed around (while looking like he should) were always perpetually underrated. But ultimately, their championship came during one of the weakest recent years in the league. The legitimate superstars in the league were KG, Duncan, Kobe, Shaq, Kidd, McGrady, and Iverson. The 90s stars were all gone and the 2003 draft class was just about to take the league by storm. That team was great to watch but how much better was it than the Grizzlies right now?

  • Dec 13, 20111:49 pm
    by Jacob


    The last 2 posts’ headlines read back to back sound really funny together.

  • Dec 13, 20113:34 pm
    by Flip


    This message is for Frankie and Sebastian, who I think post on here occasionally. We’re trying to locate everybody from the detnews forums that just got shut down. Mercury, Murph, Grizz, and I are posting over at the new forum. Just send me an email at fliptso322@gmail.com and I’ll send you a link. I’ve seen Frankie and Sebastian post on here, as well as some others, so I thought I’d leave a heads up. Anyone that used to post there and looking to continue talking Pistons with the same group, feel free to send me an email.

    With an exciting season about to start, it sucks bad that they shut down the forum with little notice, right before the season starts.

    To Patrick/Dan, I apologize if this post is out of line. Not trying to draw readers away from your site, which is why I put my email instead of a link. We’re just trying to reconnect with some old posters from the other forum thats no longer there. You can delete my post if its a problem. Hope you understand. Thanks :)

  • Dec 13, 20113:53 pm
    by Rocastle


    Always interested to hear of a new Pistons forum. I’ll drop you an email for the link.

  • Dec 13, 20119:23 pm
    by Tim Tebos


    I like it! Both are rugged, determined, and have awesome hair!

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