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Greg Monroe declares himself a leader

Greg Monroe, via Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

“I plan on being a lot more vocal in the locker room,” Monroe said. “I’m definitely gonna be more vocal.”

I hope so, as Monroe proved himself one of the team’s most grounded players last season. If his teammates are following his lead, that bodes well.

But plenty of players say they’re going to lead. Fewer do. Actually leading during the season, not just saying it, will be Monroe’s real test.


  • Dec 8, 201111:50 am
    by D_S_V


    Any elaboration on the use of “leader” and how it was constructed in the title of this post? Goodwill used it in his article too, but all I could find was Monroe’s comments on being more ‘vocal’ and more aggressive offensively. Maybe there’s more to the context?

  • Dec 8, 201112:51 pm
    by druhouse


    Like what I hear from Moose, but I wanna see it for 66 games.

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