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Glen Davis won’t be a Piston after Boston reportedly agrees to sign and trade him to Orlando

Despite Joe Dumars reportedly ‘coveting’ Glen Davis for several years, he won’t be a Piston. Davis will apparently be sent to Orlando in a sign and trade for Brandon Bass. The Boston Herald:

According to two league sources, the Cs are in discussions with Orlando to send Big Baby, in a sign-and-trade deal, to Orlando for power forward Brandon Bass – a player Magic management had been very high on at one stage. Bass is due $4 million each of the next two years, including a player option for the 2012-13 season.

The Pistons still could use another big on the roster and Dumars still has a mid-level exception burning a hole in his pocket, but with Davis off the market, it’s unclear if the Pistons will target any. A few of the names to kick around: Joel Przybilla, Kwame Brown, Erick Dampier, Reggie Evans and Kyrylo Fesenko — in other words, nothing to get excited about. Hopefully, an opportunity to trade a guard for a big materializes, although there doesn’t seem to be any trading partners who are a match right now.


  • Dec 9, 20111:34 pm
    by Sean


    Wow. Brandon Bass is way better than Glen Davis. I wonder what Orlando is thinking.

  • Dec 9, 20111:39 pm
    by Laser


    they’re very different players. sort of weird to just compare them like two apples where one is mealier.

    i guess orlando doesn’t have much use for a guy like bass to play alongside howard. they’d rather have someone who can spread the floor and hit shots. their entire system is about putting shooters around howard. not that hard to figure out.

    • Dec 9, 20111:41 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      That’s adorable that Orlando is still trying to get players to fit around Howard as if he’ll be there after this season.

    • Dec 9, 20112:25 pm
      by Glenn


      But… Big Baby is a worse shooter than Brandon Bass, so how does it make sense even in that context?

  • Dec 9, 20112:08 pm
    by Scott86Free


    Hell if they want a big that just shoots they can just have CV we will take Brandon Bass off there hands.

  • Dec 9, 20112:18 pm
    by domnick


    sigh.. i wish DET can get kris Humpries…
    about Tay Signing to DET… bad decision…. there are many moves.. but why choose this path?

  • Dec 9, 20112:27 pm
    by neutes


    Otis Smith is hands down the worst GM in the NBA, no disrespect to Joe Dumars, who for all his effort still can’t keep pace with what’s going on in Orlando. He’s giving it a good run but Smith just keeps one-upping him. Dumars must be getting pissed. It’s going to take a max deal to Stuckey to comeback from this.

  • Dec 9, 20112:32 pm
    by Steve K


    Actually, in light of today’s events, I’d say the worst GM in the NBA is the NBA… otherwise known as the GM of the Hornets. Nixing the Hornets deal is a black-eye for everyone, especially Stern and the owners who look like fools.

    BTW, a max deal to Stuckey got me laughing and cringing at the same time.

  • Dec 9, 20112:37 pm
    by Tim


    this is just asinine.  why should the hornets cap themselves out for a bunch of older, well (over?) paid roleplayers.  It ruins their roster flexibility and makes them much less desirable to potential buyers.  This isnt the melo deal, where the players coming back were all young and on reasonable/rookie contracts.  The hornets need cheap players and draft picks, not a bunch of 10 mil per 30 yr olds.

    • Dec 9, 20115:54 pm
      by tarsier


      You can’t get as much when the player you’re trading won’t commit.

  • Dec 9, 20113:23 pm
    by Scott


    Another looooooong depressing season is on the way.

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