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Glen Davis might receive full mid-level exception offer from Detroit Pistons

A. Sherrod Blakely of Comcast SportsNet:

One of Boston’s biggest challengers for Davis will be Detroit, a team that has coveted Davis for a number of years.

And the Pistons may be willing to offer Davis the full mid-level exception which is worth $5 million in the yet-to-be-ratified new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Blakely used to be a Pistons beat writer for Booth Newspapers, so he’s probably still in touch with Detroit sources. In 2009, the Celtics and Pistons discussed a Glen Davis trade.

Davis would bring two elements the Pistons desperately need: size and defense. But he’s been immature and undisciplined on a mature and disciplined Celtics team. Could he handle playing in Detroit, where he’d lose much of the veteran guidance keeping him on target in Boston?


  • Dec 6, 20117:38 am
    by gmehl1977


    Just what we need…another big baby. We already got 2 in Rip and Tay.

    • Dec 6, 20117:41 am
      by gmehl1977


      Seriously though maybe Lawrence Frank could be behind the push to get him here from when his time as an assistant at Boston.

  • Dec 6, 20117:52 am
    by Tiko


    I would welcome Big Baby to the D.  at the right price of course…

  • Dec 6, 20117:52 am
    by detroitpcb


    who would you rather have: Davis or Cv or Max?

    I would rather have Davis because he does the tough work around the post.

  • Dec 6, 20118:08 am
    by DVS


    I can’t stand Big baby. the guy is such a tool, but i wouldn’t be surprised if we sign him. I just hope we can get someone else…. anyone else

  • Dec 6, 20118:40 am
    by ryan


    Can’t we pay him more than that? I really want to see if we can have the most expensive and useless bench in the league!
    Seriously WTF??? Why would we want this dude? Does Joe Dumars realize that Glen Davis is not Kendrick Perkins, that he’s not even Don Reid???

  • Dec 6, 20118:51 am
    by Coach_Ackley


    Hey here is an idea instead of throwing a fit why don’t most of you apply to become a GM in the NBA if you all think you can put togather a better team.. Oh that’s right you can’t and this is no video game it’s real life you all know that most top Free Agent Players will not come to Detroit it’s a fact we’ve seen it for years.. So sit back and shut it you ain’t no couch GM……

  • Dec 6, 20119:16 am
    by vic


    i dont know about Big bayby but i know hed be an upgrade over maxiell and cv and daye at power forward.

  • Dec 6, 20119:51 am
    by chuj


    i want no part of big baby..
    we already have enough bigs that shoot 18ft jumpers instead of getting to the paint, he is also severely undersized for an nba power forward plus i hate his flopping (or his willingness to take charges whatever)

  • Dec 6, 201110:03 am
    by Patrick Hayes


    Davis would be an upgrade. But I have to say, who in their right mind ‘covets’ Glen Davis for years? “Yes, that guy who is always in terrible shape and cried on the bench once, I HAVE to have him.” You don’t covet backup forwards who are occasionally productive. You take those players to fill out your roster if you can get them for a cheap price. I feel like this is a Charlie Villanueva situation again. The Pistons looked at Villanueva’s (very) occasional effectiveness in a specific role in Milwaukee and said, “Just imagine what he’d do if we paid him like a starter and gave him a bigger role!” Davis has been decent for Boston because, as Dan mentioned, they have a strict vet presence in the locker room and because he’s been used in a very specific role that hides his limitations and maximizes the one or two things he does pretty well. But I fail to see how tying up that much money in a limited player is a good thing, and I wish the recent mistakes of tying up big money in limited players had made more of a learning impact on the front office than it obviously has.

    • Dec 6, 201112:41 pm
      by Laser


      I don’t see how five million a year is a stretch for this guy. At all. He’s objectively better than Villanueva, who makes about 1.5 times as much and is still said to have trade value. He’s a limited player, but he brings valuable things to the table. Hustle, size, defense, shooting. I don’t see how he’s not an asset at five mil a year.
      And, for that matter, how can you sit here and complain about that middling salary for a contributing big man when you’ve got RIP and BG collecting five times as much this season and next, and NOT be screaming at the top of your lungs for Joe Dumars to be skinned alive and fed to hounds??? That makes no sense to me. If giving Davis the MLE scares you even a little, you should be absolutely OUTRAGED at the way Dumars has handcuffed this team and crippled the past, present and future.

      • Dec 6, 201112:52 pm
        by Patrick Hayes


        As I said, he’s an upgrade. But not a significant enough upgrade to invest a multi-year deal in at the full mid-level. Would you spend $5 million to go from like 22 to 27 wins (and even that is probably severely over-stating Davis’ impact). I’d rather keep the money or sign a shorter term option for cheaper, to be honest.

        “And, for that matter, how can you sit here and complain about that middling salary for a contributing big man when you’ve got RIP and BG collecting five times as much this season and next, and NOT be screaming at the top of your lungs for Joe Dumars to be skinned alive and fed to hounds?”

        Because I’m not living in the past. Contracts have been handed out. Nothing I can do about that now except wait for them to expire or hope that Michael Jordan is longing to be reunited with Rip Hamilton or something.

        “If giving Davis the MLE scares you even a little, you should be absolutely OUTRAGED at the way Dumars has handcuffed this team and crippled the past, present and future.”

        It doesn’t scare me. It’s just a pointless move. If this team was on the verge of being a playoff contender and needed a capable third big man, then yeah, sign Davis up. They’re not there yet. So why bother? Why not see if you have something with Jerebko and Daye by playing them huge minutes? At best, one or both develops into a starting caliber player. At worst, you improve your lottery position in probably the deepest lottery since the Lebron-Melo-Wade-Bosh draft. This team isn’t a finished product. Signing Davis for the full midlevel and multiple years is something a contending team should do, not a team that should be starting over.

  • Dec 6, 201110:48 am
    by Fennis


    Everyone is assuming that he’ll be slated as our permanent starter at the 4. I don’t think so. Five million a year is not a big contract. It’s less than Charlie V, a little more than J-Max.
    I’d love to see Big Baby as a 4 off of the bench, i.e. the role the Charlie V plays now. I agree that Big Baby should not be brought on as a full-time starter, primarily because of his size and rebounding. But I don’t think that’s Joe’s intention.
    Also, keep in mind that if Big Baby comes on board, Charlie is finished. That would be huge.

    • Dec 6, 201112:14 pm
      by Laser


      what sort of arithmetic are you using that makes 5 million “a little more” than 5 million? 5 million is precisely what maxiell makes.

      • Dec 7, 20111:08 pm
        by tarsier


        I assume he meant the MLE which starts at $5M but gets annual raises.

  • Dec 6, 201111:13 am
    by Lopez


    Joe D needs to be thinkin CP3 and D12

    • Dec 6, 201112:15 pm
      by Laser


      please keep these kinds of thoughts to yourself.

  • Dec 6, 201111:35 am
    by Casey


    I think we do a sign and trade with Prince and Max for Kamen, then Big Baby take Max role. LA gets an upgrade at SF and back up big that will have on the last year next season. Resign JJ and Stuckey, Drop CV

    Stuckey / Knight / Will
    Rip / BG / White
    JJ / Daye
    Monroe / Davis
    Kamen / Ben

  • Dec 6, 201112:30 pm
    by Laser


    1) When you’re AWFUL and have NOTHING WHATSOEVER going for you, your options are limited. Plain and simple. The roster stinks and has almost no flexibility at all, nobody wants to play here and SHIT why would they, the team hasn’t been respectable in years and Joe’s luster has got to be fading fast. Davis would be a significant upgrade, and I can’t think of a better option off the top of my head. No better big man would sign here, and our trade options for quality big men could very possibly be limited to “Tayshaun for Kaman.” Deal with it, people. Stop complaining about how we should be able to have Dwight Howard or stupid shit like that. Davis is probably as good as we can hope for, and he’s a big time upgrade. The sooner you accept our sad state of affairs, the easier these next few seasons are going to be to endure.
    2) Maybe Big Baby is such a whiny little shit because he can get away with it on a veteran team. Who knows? He could step in here and fill a role that this team needs. Some people actually do grow up, and maybe something actually rubbed off on him from that solid veteran team that he can bring here. A winning mentality. So he cried on the bench once, big deal. Get over it. Guy deserves a chance. I’d welcome him here.
    3) If we could actually add Davis and a healthy Kaman, maybe add a little depth at small forward, and clear out some of the mess in the backcourt, this could very well be a playoff team in a weak conference. Yeah, I said it. Baby steps, people. The only way we’re going to be able to crawl out of the gutter is with low key moves like this.
    4) Gotta love how Joe has supposedly “coveted” the guy for years, but he balked at a Max-Big Baby swap without batting an eye. Similarly to how he balked at that Stuckey/Rip/Tay-Rondo/Allen trade without even considering it for a moment. Joe’s non-moves have been as much of a story as his moves. Be nice if he could recapture one iota of his early decade magic.

  • Dec 6, 201112:54 pm
    by Coach_Ackley


    Laser I agree with the first 3 points of your post and that is what I’ve been saying for the last 2 years ppl think you can just trade a piece of the pie for a SUPERSTAR this ain’t NBA2K12 or any other NBA video game this is real life good trades are hard to come by..

  • Dec 6, 20111:03 pm
    by frankie d


    P. Hayes is exactly right on this guy.  could not have said it better.
    almost an exact replay of the CV signing, though davis  has more heart than CV, and at least plays hard.   i actually like him as a player, but he is another tweener, a guy without a position. he is basically a chubby version of CV with less range, slightly better rebounding, and more intensity.  if joe didn’t already have max and CV on the roster, it would be a great pick up.  on this team, he’s redundant.  and under those circumstances he’s not worth the MLE.
    5 million dollars is not a lot of money?
    are you kidding?  5 million for a guy who isn’t worth it – for your team – is the kind of contract teams spend years trying to dump.  no sane team wants a 5 million dollar contract when they are not getting value for it.   maxiell is exhibit A of that syndrome.
    i’d rather pay craig smith from the clippers half of that money and have a guy who plays the same position but who is a professional, low-post beast.  smith has his limitations defensively – he’s about the same size as davis – but he will score on anyone in the low post, he’ll bang with anybody and he’ll rebound nicely.  for the money you’d need to sign him, he’d be a much better value, especially because he’d give you the low post scoring the team needs.
    i wish joe d would scrounge around and do something smart with the money.  bring in big guys.
    jason collins.  pay him a bit more than atlanta will probably want to pay him and pencil him as your starting center, playing around 20-25 minutes a game.  pencil big ben in for another 12 minutes at the center spot, and rotate monroe and other guys through the 5 spot or try to find another guy to fill out your center by committee approach this year.  he’s an offensive zero, but last year’s series against orlando was impressive and reminded me of how solid a defender he is.  he is absolutely a stopgap, a temporary fix, but he’d be a nice addition at a position of absolute need.
    fesenko from utah.  he’s unrestricted, talented, a bit of a knucklehead, but worth a shot.  you may have to gamble on a young guy, but at this point in the team’s development, why not?  if someone had been willing to gamble on deandre jordan a couple of years ago, when he was basically dead weight on the clippers bench, which had a surplus of big guys, you could have gotten him for cheap.  no more.
    forget davis.  for the 5 million they are getting ready to dump on him they could get a couple of the guys that i’ve mentioned and address their real problems: interior defense and low post scoring. davis is going to give you a small forward’s game in a big package, with an occasional power rebound that makes you go “ahhh!”

    • Dec 6, 20112:20 pm
      by Coach_Ackley


      frankie d - I agree with you about Craig Smith… The dude is a true Detroit kinda guy he’s a blue collar play I love the way he plays and the way attacks the glass.. I’d most likely take Craig Smith over Big Baby Davis any day of the week…. Only problem is Craig Smith is not a Free Agent or is he????? Patrick what you think?????

  • Dec 6, 20112:04 pm
    by vic


    i agree, davis would be an upgrade, but  not the upgrade you want to commit 5m+ to. if we got rid of CV and Max i’d take Davis though. Hed be a grreat backup PF for Greg Monroe.

  • Dec 6, 20113:27 pm
    by Fennis


    I imagine you’re a unintentionally funny little guy with a fast computer, a 300 sq ft flat, and a crippling insecurity complex. Enjoy that.

  • Dec 6, 20114:17 pm
    by tarsier


    I’m all for signing just about anyone who has a legitimate shot at outperforming their contract at some point with a deal that ends along with BG’s and CV’s. In the meantime, we can hop e that such a player becomes valuable enough to flip for a draft pick or something. And worst case scenario, he comes off the books with the others to put Detroit into a nice position in a few years. Whether or not Glen Davis is that guy, I don’t know.

  • Dec 6, 20115:10 pm
    by D_S_V


    Isn’t there a salary minimum Detroit has to meet in the new CBA? None of these free agents do anything to excite me in particular, at least as far as presenting a long term step towards contending… So since we’re handicapped until CV, BG, and Rip come off the books, does it really matter if we spend our money on Mediocre Unproven Player A or Mediocre Unproven Player B? I do believe there are smart moves to be made, but as has been said, Detroit is not a free agent destination of choice and I think we need some help from the draft. Desperately.

  • Dec 7, 20116:36 am
    by damian


    undersized for a center, giant for a forward.

  • Dec 7, 20117:02 am
    by damian


    with the same money, i would rather sign craig smith, aaron gray or joel pryzbilla. possibly franciso elson, melvin ely, alexis ajinca or earl clark with the rest? can we waive rip and overpay deandre, if we don’t sign and trade for kaman?
    hell, trade him for a sam’s club card and a some garcia vega blunts.

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