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Georgetown honors Pistons


Georgetown has framed NBA jerseys hanging on the wall behind a basket at McDonough Arena, where it’s men’s team practices and plays a occasionally – a very cool display.

With four jerseys, the Pistons have at least twice as many as any other team:

Don Reid

don reid

Jerome Williams

jerome williams

DaJuan Summers

dajuan summers

Greg Monroe

greg monroe


  • Dec 11, 20112:47 pm
    by sut


    Man, other than Monroe, that’s a serious trio of turds.

  • Dec 11, 20114:20 pm
    by ryan


    @Sut, you’re an idiot. Don Reid had more heart than some entire drafts and while he was limited he played his ass off for us. Jerome Williams was also a hustler and a strong rebounder plus we traded him for Corliss Williamson and that helped lead to a title.

    • Dec 11, 20116:05 pm
      by gmehl1977


      Ahhh the good old junkyard dog. He was such a bad a$$

  • Dec 11, 20114:55 pm
    by sut


    Yup, you’re right…. I’m wrong…. Don Reid was freaking awesome!

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