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Drag Race: Chris Wilcox vs. Leon Powe

Chris Wilcox

If we’re talking strictly intangible qualities, Powe is the guy. Powe is an undersized warrior who was a second round pick. He made himself into a reliable rotation player on a veteran Boston team. Wilcox, meanwhile, is an underachieving former lottery pick who possesses all of the physical tools that Powe doesn’t and seemingly little of the drive to use them.

But unfortunately, Powe hasn’t been the same player since a serious knee injury. His total rebound percentage prior to his injury was more than 17 percent and after the injury it has been around 11 percent.

Wilcox, on the other hand, is still relatively young and injury free. Last year, he actually had a pretty solid second half of the season for the Pistons, developing decent chemistry with Greg Monroe. Wilcox isn’t a long-term building block for any team, but right now, he’s a better asset than Powe.

-Patrick Hayes

Leon Powe

Chris Wilcox missed the Pistons’ infamous shootaround in Philadelphia and claimed he overslept. Apparently, it was believable because he always oversleeps.

Sorry. For his production, he’s not worth the hassle. I’d much rather have the hard-working Leon Powe as a fourth big man than a snoozing Wilcox.

When you consider Wilcox will likely regress from last season, I’m OK with the fact that he out-produced Powe last year. In 2012, that will be a coin flip. But I know whose work ethic I’d bank on.

-Dan Feldman

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1 Comment

  • Dec 5, 20114:36 am
    by Vince


    Haha two of the big men I want the Pistons to target (excluding DeAndre) face off at the drag race, to be honest I’ll take Powe over Wilcox anytime but both of them are pretty equal, I wouldn’t mind either one -or both – on the roster for next year. If you’re looking for a defensive presence and offensive firepower I’d take Powe but rebounding I’d take Wilcox. Either way what do you think their contracts - if any - are worth for next season? I estimate 2 Million/Year for Wilcox, maybe 2.5-3 Million for Powe…?
    Anyways, is there any news on who the Pistons are willing to amnesty and target in free agency? I’m real giddy for some info.

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