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Detroit Pistons ’11-’12 Promotional Video

In an effort to show off some of the organizational changes new owner Tom Gores has in store, the Detroit Pistons unveiled the following video at today’s media event:

There are a few interesting things to note:

  • As previously speculated, Detroit is serious about using advanced statistics. The word “analytics” appears under the Team Operations section at around the 0:12 mark.
  • The team is looking toward expanding its web presence as well. There are 21(!) separate channels on the “Programming” slide.
  • Lots of focus on entertainment. The Flight crew makes an appearance, and it looks like the Pistons are adding a Cheer Team, as well as a youth hip-hop dance group called the Mob Squad.

I also got a peek at what looked to be the new pre-game intro video that sets the bar pretty high. The new ownership seems to be making some very visible modifications to the franchise right from the start, and I would bet they don’t plan on stopping any time soon.


  • Dec 23, 20112:47 am
    by Mike Payne


    Hey Pistons, 2004 called, and they want their music back.  Oh, and their GM.  (okay to be fair, the music is more ~1995 than 2004, but it’s funny because the organization clearly has their head in the past and wouldn’t recognize modern trends in entertainment or sports management if it devoured their, uh, butts– not sure with what words I can get away with here on PP)

  • Dec 23, 20115:30 am
    by Jason


    “ownership seems to be making some very visible modifications to the franchise right from the start”

    Ha!! Accept for of course things that actually matter, like a vision for a formidable basketball team. I could really care less about ANY of the above mentioned additions, last I checked we’re still making terrible decisions in regards to roster decisions. Here’s to another year of terrible basketball in the D!

    On another note, at least we’ll be able to watch Chauncey and RIP both succeed with other teams… As sad as it is to admit, i’m more excited to watch both of these guys on their new squads then I am about he 11-12 Pistons season… F**K!

    And Mike, I couldn’t agree more!

  • Dec 23, 20119:49 am
    by Jeremy Reinert


    For years the Pistons were ranked high on the overall fan experience at games (I believe ESPN is the one who produced those reports) and this all began a few years before they won their championships (yes, it just so happen to be that when they won it all in 2004, they were ranked #1 in fan experience). This is an organization that many other organizations stole entertainment ideas from over the course of the past decade and it is actually refreshing to see a new owner want to elevate the fan experience. Yes, winning games puts people in the seats but I do have to say the typical tv timeout Michigan Lottery ticket giveaway at every game was getting old.

    I recall going to a Pistons – Wizards game (the year Jordan decided he wanted to dust the Air Jordans off and give it a go) and the half time entertainment was the Blue Man Group. A Las Vegas act at a half time show in Auburn Hills, MI? I’m sorry, but that was awesome…

    Winning will come with time. I place my full trust in Joe (at this moment) because has done one thing that neither Millen had done or Dombrowski has done – bring a championship to the area. While this season seems bleak, the future is bright…For me, it’s either making the playoffs and make some noise, or continue aquiring talent in the lottery. I don’t want a first round and out type of season – that is much too disappointing to me.

  • Dec 24, 201112:24 pm
    by Pistons 4 Life


    I agree with Jason, believe it or not I’m almost more excited “for now” to see what kind of an effect Rip will have for the Bulls, which I think will be a pretty big one.  And yeah, being located on the west side of the state I maybe get to one game a year.  So I’m stuck watching them on tv all the time.  So any changes made to the Palace…doesn’t really matter so much to me.  I just want to see the team continually get better.

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