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Damien Wilkins joins Pistons

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

#Pistons announce the adding of Damien Wilkins to the training camp roster…


  • Dec 10, 20115:25 pm
    by Scott86free


    If stuckey isn’t signed maybe they can use him to start for 20-23mins then bring BG off the bench for scoring.

    • Dec 10, 20116:53 pm
      by freywagg


      LOL if Damien Wilkins starts (or even has something more than a camp invite) JOD has officially lost it. We’re not going to get anywhere giving minutes to old, back-end rotation players like Wilkins. We need to play youth or get impact veterans. Wilkins is neither, nor is he good.

      • Dec 11, 20117:08 am
        by Sebastian


        freywagg is right! If Damian Wilkins is on OUR roster on Christmas Day, then Joe should be ran out of town, like Kwame was outcast.

  • Dec 10, 20116:09 pm
    by Shane


    I say we tank the next 2 seasons and let the young players develop and draft really high. If we can get one of the top 3 picks this draft and somehow manage to get Shabazz Mohammed in the 2013 draft we would be set

    • Dec 10, 20117:21 pm
      by City of Klompton


      Pretty dangerous to start building your team based on drafts multiple seasons from now.

  • Dec 10, 20117:37 pm
    by domnick


    I’d rather invite Kris Humpries than.. getting Wilkins to our team…

  • Dec 11, 20112:44 pm
    by sut


    I don’t even know what I was hoping for this free agency period but I was clearly hoping for more than this.  And yes, I understand this is just a camp body but… man, will we be bringing any real basketball players to Detroit this year?

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