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DaJuan Summers and Terrico White are in New Orleans Hornets training camp

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

Terrico White and DaJuan Summers in camp with Hornets. #pistonscamp #hornetscamp


  • Dec 10, 201112:47 pm
    by sut


    I think we had seen enough to know that Summers was a huge miss by Joe.  White, however, had yet to show what he’s going to be as a pro.  That said, I have enough faith in Joe so that if he thinks we’re just saying goodbye to a jump outta the gym Gerald Green type and not a chess piece pro, I’m good with it.

  • Dec 11, 201112:52 pm
    by anonymous


    Yes, terrico white has alot of talent and ablility and they def should give him the chance to play and prove himself…after all he was injured his rookie year so didnt get to play much…Terrico i think will be the shock of the 2010-11 draft class

  • Dec 11, 20112:54 pm
    by TrueBlue


    Terrico White Crazy Hops Mixtape Joe D Just Went Fuxkin STUPID on This One .. SMDH

  • Dec 12, 201112:02 am
    by bitabadaboo


    well said TrueBlue

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