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Clippers contact Tayshaun Prince

Broderick Turner of the Los Angles Times (hat tip: Life on Dumars):

The Clippers have reached out to free agent Tayshaun Prince to gauge his interest in playing for them this season, a source said Wednesday afternoon.

Prince, a 6-foot-9 forward who has played all nine of his NBA seasons with the Detroit Pistons, fits the need the Clippers have for a veteran, quality small forward.

I hope Tayshaun Prince likes what the Clippers are selling. As I’ve said many times, a Prince sign-and-trade is unlikely, but the only workable deal I see is Prince for Chris Kaman. Because Prince is a free agent, though, that deal would only work if he wants to be a Clipper.


  • Dec 1, 20115:45 pm
    by rob


    This seems very realistic. Because if the Clippers use Kaman to get Tay in the S&T, they can pay Tay up to $12 mil the first year, if they choose. Thats more than the other teams interested can offer. And he gets to play in his hometown.

    And for the Pistons, the Clippers would almost have to include Kaman, because otherwise I dont think they would have the cap room to just sign Tay outright.

    They have $13 mil in cap space and still need to re-sign Jordan, and are giving E. Gordon an ext.

    I almost wonder if the deal isnt already in the works because why would they even contact him, without the cap space, unless they knew the Pistons wanted Kaman in return?

    I think Jordan is going to get $9-10 mil/yr. They cant expect Tay to sign there for only $3-4 mil/yr

  • Dec 1, 20117:58 pm
    by Tiko


    I want nothing to do with Kaman.  Let Tay just walk.  Kaman will do nothing but stunt Monroe’s growth as a player. I cant think of a worse complement to Monroe.  I’d rather give $10 mil/yr to Jordan even tho Clips will match.

    no big free agent will join the team this year.  all our unwanted pieces have little to no trade value.  our roster will not be much improved from last year even after “moves” are made.  

    cut Rip, re-sign Stuckey and Jerebko and let Tay walk.  roll with what u go this year.  there will be growing pains but thats what this team needs.  dont tank but set yourself up for a top pick in next year’s draft.  Anthony Davis, Andre Drummond, and maybe Harrison Barnes will change a franchise.  Any one of those players would be a great addition to the core of Knight, Stuckey, Jerebko, and Monroe.  if the aforementioned current players on this roster get serious minutes together they will likely gel as a “team.”  add a potential superstar in the mix in the 2012 draft and u got yourself a bright future in the new era of Pistons basketball.  

    fu@k everyone else

    • Dec 1, 20119:52 pm
      by druhouse


      Tiko might be right. But then we still have Villaneuva…

    • Dec 2, 201112:29 am
      by D_S_V


      @tiko: Chad Ford and Marc Stein last said the Pistons aren’t going to cut a player if they can’t get Nene with the cap space; nevertheless, I agree all of the last part of your post. Let’s bite the bullet and put our chips in the (loaded) draft.

  • Dec 1, 20119:01 pm
    by Della


    Here is the best thing the Pistons can do: Help NY get Paul and land Chauncey back. Keep the old team- Rip, Billups, Prince, Wallace and Monroe/Jerebko. Good enough to make playoffs, best thing for new ownership.

  • Dec 1, 20119:52 pm
    by SD


    I think Kaman would like to come back to Michigan.  Bottom line we need to get rid of Rip or Tay to get a solid big.  We not going to get a all star but Joe is going to make moves this season because he hasn’t for so long.  I think he is a hustle guy who wouldn’t hurt Monroe’s devolpment.

  • Dec 1, 201110:24 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    How would Kamen hurt Monroe’s development when they play two different positions…Come on its simple, Monroe plays PF and Kamen plays Center, then CV comes off the bench to spread the floor…This notion that Monroe is our starting Center is getting ridiculous…

    • Dec 1, 201111:51 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Your belief that true centers exist in the NBA still is adorable. There are like two true centers.

      Kaman would not be a good complement to Monroe in the following ways:

      - Kaman is a terrible defensive player. Monroe will get better at that end, but he was also not a good defensive player last year. So with those two and Villanueva as your third big, you have a really horrid defensive frontcourt overall.

      - Kaman is not a rim protector. Monroe’s weakness is his lack of athleticism. The Pistons desperately need someone who can block shots, regardless of whether you define that person’s position as a center or PF. Monroe would thrive if paired with a shot-blocking presence.

      - Kaman is a black hole on offense who is most effective when he’s getting a ton of touches in the post. This would mean that Monroe would not be getting touches, so it would be harder for him to continue to develop his post game and to flash his passing skills that he showed a few times last season because Kaman would always have the ball.

      - Kaman is a bad passer. Monroe was an effective scorer last season for two reasons — he got offensive rebounds and he moved well without the ball. Moving well without the ball is only valuable if you play with teammates who pass well and find you on cuts. Kaman does the opposite of pass well and find cutters.

      So yeah … Kaman fills a need in that he’s big and the Pistons could use size. But he’s not a long-term solution and he’s not someone who will aid Monroe’s development or make Detroit’s frontcourt all that formidable. Basically, he’s an upgrade over Jason Maxiell and Charlie Villanueva, and that’s not much of a compliment.

      • Dec 2, 20115:04 am
        by rob


        I agree its not a good fit with Monroe on defense, but on offense I see it as a great fit because you put Kaman in the low post, with Monroe operating out of the high post. They both can get equal touches. With the cutters like JJ, slashers like Stuckey and Bynum, and outside shooters like Gordon, Daye, and Knight, they’d have no weakness on offense.

        Even if the got a defensive big man instead like Chandler, you could say the same thing about it being a bad fit for their offense. Because Chandler isn’t a scorer, and you don’t know yet how much Monroe is capable of scoring outside of just put-backs. We’d be great on defense, but struggle to score on offense, I think with a defensive big.

        So, I think its one or the other right now because we aren;t going tofind a big man this year that can play both ends of the floor. Aside from Nene, but it looks like he’s too expensive for the Pistons. Kaman would be a nice, low-risk compliment in the frontcourt for a couple yrs until we find someone better.

    • Dec 2, 201112:14 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      Seriously … would you trust this man around your promising, impressionable young big man? No way.

      • Dec 3, 20111:19 am
        by gmehl1977


        Looks like a scene from deliverance

  • Dec 1, 201110:42 pm
    by SD


    And we are not going to bomb a season to just get high draft picks

    • Dec 1, 201111:25 pm
      by rob



      Fans are delusional if they think a new owner and new head coach are going to tank a season before it even starts. Great way for Frank to get the players to buy into his system. Show them how effective it is at losing games. Wow, SMH.

  • Dec 2, 20112:34 am
    by patrick


    lets get serious here does he want to be an LA Clipper that bad i think not he can sign to a much better team dont count on this

  • Dec 2, 201111:41 am
    by Mikey


    The Clippers have $13 million in cap room, they can sign Tayshaun Prince outright. Which team would give Prince more than the MLE.  I don’t understand what’s in it for the Clippers. It’s not like Prince is going to command a max contract with greater annual raises.

  • Dec 9, 20112:45 pm
    by mo money


    i completely agree with della, getting chauncey back and the original winning team back and then filling that open space with monroe and jarebko, and then bringing in all of our new draft pick ups off the bench. that would be one hell of a sweet deal

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