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Charlie Villanueva’s suspension reduced

Marc Stein of ESPN:

NBA announces suspensions for Andrew Bynum and Charlie Villanueva reduced from five games to FOUR because season only 66 games instead of 82

The NBA suspended Charlie Villanueva five games last season for fighting Cleveland’s Ryan Hollins. Villanueva served one game last year, so he must sit out the first three games of this season.


  • Dec 23, 20113:37 pm
    by Laser


    This is WONDERFUL news! Christmas really did come early this year.

    • Dec 23, 20118:56 pm
      by J.S.


      Then why do I feel like Santa just sh!t in my stocking?

  • Dec 23, 20114:06 pm
    by Quick Darshan


    Man, David Stern really does have it out for the Pistons, doesn’t he?

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    Dec 23, 20114:26 pm
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  • Dec 23, 20114:34 pm
    by splustig


    They should suspend his entire contract, that way I’ll never have to see this bum on the court in a pistons uniform again!

  • Dec 23, 20114:48 pm
    by Shane


    The Hawks have just waived Keith Benson.. Do you think the Pistons will pick him up?

    • Dec 23, 20114:58 pm
      by flip


      Interesting. The Pistons were high on him on draft night. I cant see any damage to bringing him in on a non-guaranteed contract, if they end up not finding any other bigs.

  • Dec 23, 20114:56 pm
    by flip


    Reduced? I was hoping it might be increased. The less Charlie V, the better we will be.

  • Dec 23, 20116:03 pm
    by ryan


    Talk about a cruel joke of a gift.

    Keith Benson is well worth a look he can have Damien Wlikins’ spot.

  • Dec 24, 20112:35 am
    by frankie d


    i think most pistons fans wouldn’t mind if he served his original sanction.
    he is a bum.

  • Dec 24, 20112:43 am
    by bball4224


    Wow… soo many haters. SMH

  • Dec 24, 20113:04 am
    by Cliff


    sign keith benson dumars pleaseeeee he’ll be cheap and at least we’ll have a big man.

  • Dec 24, 20112:50 pm
    by vic


    Benson, Fesenko, Haddadi… anything over 6:11

  • Dec 24, 201111:18 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    To much CV hating going on in here…Do you all even watch all of the Piston games??? CV actually puts up numbers…

    • Dec 25, 201112:03 am
      by Laser


      I’d rather see him put up a fight on defense.

    • Dec 25, 20112:56 am
      by Tiko


      what does he do on defense other than look extremely awkward?  numbers done mean anything when u cant hold it down on D.  CV does nothing close to holding his man down.  looks damn awful.  enough CV cock sucking out of u Jodi

    • Dec 25, 20118:21 am
      by swish22


      simply the worst defender in the league at the forward position and  the worst free agent signing in the history of the Pistons!  

  • Dec 25, 20117:04 am
    by Sam


    New story please

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