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Celtics sign Chris Wilcox

Notorious sleeper Chris Wilcox will now get his wakeup calls from Kevin Garnett. Should be interesting. From Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe (via SB Nation):

Wilcox signed a one-year deal for what appears to be vets minimum #celtics

Honestly, I wouldn’t have minded Wilcox back with Detroit on a deal like that, but losing him is certainly nothing to fret about either. I’m sure Wilcox will provide some nice finishes to Rajon Rondo lobs, but I’m not sure he’ll fit in so well defensively with the Celtics. But the Celtics didn’t do too bad in their other reported signing late Friday, getting David West according to David Aldridge.


  • Dec 10, 20111:24 am
    by John


    Hard to understand whats happening at Detroit. Pay out RIP, sign Prince, probably loose Stuck, let wilcox leave for nothing, hang on to waver. Whats up Joe D? maybe at least make an effort too not suck. This is wearing thin………..

  • Dec 10, 20111:25 am
    by ryan


    Damn but the Celtics are looking solid. Chris Wilcox as an eight or ninth man is a real useful player. Picking up him Brandon Bass and David West is going to take a ton of weight off of KG and Paul Pierce. I wonder if Richard Hamilton will end up there as well.

  • Dec 10, 20117:39 am
    by tayshaun


    I was actually hoping wilcox would resign here.. he had a great season last year, had great chemistry with will and greg. He probably was top 5 big man on the market. Now we have the least athletic frontcourt and definitely the worst big men. greg has absolutely no help down low. we will be by far the worst reb. team in the league. Right now all I am hoping for is top 3 pick to get drummond or davis. this team right now makes no sense.. rips value was only going to increase as team are desperately looking for expiring contract, we might have actually got something for rip. and now stuck is demanding more, dumars is either going to pay him like 11-12 when he deserves 6-8

  • Dec 10, 20118:29 am
    by detroitpcb


    the Celtics are putting a nice team together for this last run at a championship. Bass, Wilcox, and West are a huge improvement over Shack & O’Neil & Davis. This Celtics team is going to have the depth to contend.

  • Dec 10, 20119:24 am
    by Micah Wels


    There goes another big man for Detroit, Joe D must have a trick up his sleeve.

  • Dec 10, 20111:43 pm
    by omar


    That David West to to the Celtics S&T is BS. NOH agrees to take on washed up Jermaine O’Neal’s $6 mil salary for the year, plus $3 mil for Sasha Pavlovic, just so they can S&T West to the Celtics. Really?

    I fail to see how that benefits NOH in any way.

    It sounds to me like they are just wasting $9 mil in cap space, in order to facilitate the trade to BOS, who otherwise wouldnt have the cap space to sign West.

    Its like the league is just agreeing to pay the bill for the Celtics to get a 20-10 big man for nothing, while capped out. 

    And ppl are saying JO’s exp contract will be used to flip to LA in part of the Paul trade, and then flipped to ORL to get Howard to LA.

    So essentially, the NBA is using the Hornets as a dummy team to add All-Stars and Super-Stars to contenders. West to BOS, Paul/Howard to LA, all linked together, and formulated by the league office who runs the Hornets.

    Could that be any less corrupt?

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