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Brandon Knight probably isn’t one of the best shooting point guards – yet?

When the Pistons drafted Brandon Knight, Joe Dumars didn’t only praise his new point guard’s outside shooting, he called it elite.

“Chauncey can stand out there and shoot with the best of them, and this kid, that’s what he does,”Dumars said. “He can really, really shoot the ball. … He’s going to be one of those point guards that when you name the best shooting point guards, he’s going to be one of those guys.”

So, I asked the TrueHoop Network to name “the best shooting point guards,” and these nine names came up:

  • Chauncey Billups
  • Steve Nash
  • Chris Paul
  • Jameer Nelson
  • Deron Williams
  • Luke Ridnour
  • Stephen Curry
  • Jason Kidd,
  • Aaron Brooks

How do Knight’s 3-point numbers at Kentucky last year – 87-of-231 (37.7 percent) – compare with what those nine players did last season?

Knight is a bit below the median, but it’s not completely fair to compare him to top NBA veterans yet. How did Knight’s 3-point shooting at Kentucky compare to those players’ rookie-year percentages?

Of course, Knight’s percentage will likely drop as he adjusts to the NBA’s extended 3-point line – although maybe not as much it would’ve in past years, considering the NCAA moved back its 3-point line.

I’d set 35 percent as a fair bar for Knight this season. That would still rank him seventh relative to what those other players did last year and fourth relative to what they did as rookies.

When I name the best shooting point guards at the end of the season, I’d be surprised if I include Knight – yet.


  • Dec 26, 20111:32 pm
    by Ldre


    you cant really look at his college shooting percentage, in college he took a lot of prayer shots at the end of the shot clock,

  • Dec 26, 20111:51 pm
    by Sebastian


    I agree Ldre. This is a ridiculous comparison: vegetabales and fruits. All I know is that Knight and Stuckey better be OUR starting backcourt and OUR ending backcourt.

    • Dec 26, 20112:28 pm
      by flip


      stuckey-gordon confirmed as the starting backcourt.

      Cant wait to see 6-2 Gordon against 6-10 George. Have a lot of confidence in that matchup, smh

  • Dec 26, 20112:01 pm
    by vic


    at the end its got to be Knight & daye, or Knight & gordon. I hate seeing stuskey jack jumpshots and lose games at the end

  • Dec 26, 20112:26 pm
    by flip


    Who cares about Knight anymore? Pistons dont. Looks like they prefer a Stuckey-Gordon backcourt.


  • Dec 26, 20114:35 pm
    by swish22


    Really can’t stand leaderless Stuckey but it probably makes sense for numerous reasons to go with the two veterans.  I’m still hoping that they both get off to a good start and the pistons unload Stuckey at some point to make way for Knight at the point!   Stuckey just keeps reminding me of Stephon Marbury.  
    Dan’s article on Ben Gordon’s shooting percentage with and without Rip was interesting to me and let’s give Ben another shot, he was one of the few last year that held his head high and always seemed to be team oriented in general!,  there’s no doubt Ben shouldn’t be handling the rock very much.  He needs to be what Rip used to be(our version of Reggie Miller running off screens).  I have a lot of faith in Lawrence Frank.  He’ll play those that play D.  Thank god we didn’t go the Rick “What’s defense” Adelman.
     Happy Holidays and great work Dan and Patrick as always.

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