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Ben Wallace undecided about return, but reporters expect him back with Pistons

Ben Wallace has one year left on his contract, but at his age, retirement is always a possibility. A couple writers who saw him work out today think he’ll return.

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

#Pistons Ben Wallace just finished 2nd day of workouts: said he’s still undecided about coming back but all signs seem to lead to a return

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

Ben Wallace just spoke … didn’t say he was for sure coming back, but all signs look positive. He appears in typical Ben Wallace shape.

Wallace’s production last year dropped from the season before, but if he returns, he sees a path to improvement. Goodwill:

Wallace believed his effectiveness was stunted last season because he often played too many consecutive minutes, then sat for long stretches

That was definitely the case under John Kuester, but I figured Wallace preferred to play long stretches once his body got loose rather than sitting, playing, sitting, playing. I guess not. We’ll see whether Lawrence Frank heeds Wallace’s request and whether it works.


  • Dec 2, 20113:17 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    Haha … man. I’m beginning to really wonder if Kuester ever had a conversation with any player on the team in his two years as coach. And Ben Wallace was one of the few players who actually publicly supported him! He can’t even ask him about his workload?

    • Dec 2, 20114:13 pm
      by Daye and Knight


      I honestly don’t know who’s worst: Kuster or Curry. I got Curry’s autograph years ago in his playing days, my uncle told me it might be worth something in the future and I threw it away that same day…maybe I should have kept if for a good laugh

  • Dec 2, 20116:41 pm
    by detroitpcb


    Ben was real clear in the interview that he prefered to be used for 6 minute stints so that his knees and back would not tighten up on the bench. Q just played him 12 minutes in a row because he had no one else to guard the basket. Even with the Pistons personel, the defensive scheme last year was pitiful. Piston games often were layup drill for the other team.

    and it would be nice this year to see them share the ball on offense. I can’t count the number of times Ben Gordon froze the rotation.

    • Dec 3, 20111:11 pm
      by rob


      That just shows you how much of a baffoon Kuester really was. I absolutely hated when he would substitute Centers by quarter. Who does that?

      I remember one game where he put Monroe out there for his 12 straight min to start the 3rd. Then, because he was playing so good, he left him out there 6 min into the 4th and just drained him. And when we needed him at the end of the game, he couldn’t play and we lost.

      I don’t know whats more baffoonish making a 37 yr old Wallace go for 12 straight minutes until he’s drained, or sitting him 12 straight minutes until his stiff and can’t move. Kuester decides to do both to him. He probably took 2 yrs off of Wallace’s career last year by playing him like that.

    • Dec 3, 20111:16 pm
      by rob


      btw, he played him 12 min in a row because he was a moron who couldn’t do simple math. He had Monroe and Ben at Center. It wasn’t like he had no backup to Wallace. Simple math says you play Wallace 6 min, Monroe 7-8 min, Wallace 6 min, etc, etc, but Kuester couldn’t crunch those numbers, so he just went 12 and 12 each straight through. He probably only knew how to divide 24 by 2 from splitting a case of beer in college.

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