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Austin Daye talks about his summer working out with Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant and others

Paolo Zamorano of Crossover Chronicles (via Detroit Bad Boys) caught up with Austin Daye recently and asked him about his offseason:

“I got to workout with Kobe once this summer and it was a great workout. I got to see how much work he puts in off the court, on the weights, and it just made me realize how important that stuff is.”

“He works so hard and pushes himself in all aspects of the game, it’s no wonder he’s the best player in the game. Same thing with Lebron, he’s probably the most dynamic player in the game, he’s so versatile and I can just tell how his workouts help with all the dimensions to his game. Both of those workouts really gave me a good perspective on how hard I need to keep working if I want to be one of the best.”

“Working out with KD (Kevin Durant) was a whole different ball game, I went out to D.C. with him for a week to workout with him. He’s a guy who I’ve always been compared to because of our body types. KD just loves hoop, maybe it’s because I was with him for a whole week, but we were waking up every morning , 7 a.m. bike rides for 40 miles, come back in the afternoon go 1-1 against each other, get a good workout in, then in the evening we would go play in a pick-up game. It was a great experience working out with him, we are both around the same age so we relate to a lot of the same stuff.”

Dan Feldman also talked with Daye about his summer with KD earlier this year. Daye wasn’t as aggressive as I hoped he’d be in the first game of the season, but I’m a big believer that the work he put in will make him a regular contributor for the Pistons at some point this season.

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  • Dec 28, 20113:19 pm
    by frankie d


    i just think that daye needs to play. 
    you can just watch him on the court to see that confidence is a big thing with him and constantly jerking him around in terms of minutes does nothing for his confidence.  as a shooter also, he needs to know that he can miss a couple of shots but still have a chance to make up for a couple of misses.
    the proof of that was in this preseason.  being able to start seemed to really give him lots of confidence and while he obviously still needs to work on lots of stuff, he made scoring almost 20 points a game look easy.
    he needs to get a regular 25-28 minutes a game, with about 12-15 shots a game, and he will be fine.  i hope he gets a shot. 
    i have to say i hated the pick when joe took him, as i watched him at gonzaga when he was in college and thought he was extremely soft.  but he obviously has skills and is, imho, an elite-level nba shooter.  any near seven foot guy who has that one skill needs to get PT.  the weaknesses in his game can be worked on, but having a shooter like him on the court opens up everything for everyone else offensively.
    he needs to play.

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