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Austin Daye lost weight in Russia

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

Daye, who lost weight in Russia

Austin Daye’s weight has been, and apparently will continually be, a source of concern. He’s a very skilled player, but with such a thin frame, he has trouble matching up with most starting small forwards and every starting power forward. His weight could determine whether he makes a career as a starter or as a backup.

Losing a few pounds this offseason probably won’t effect his long-term prospects, but the short term is more disconcerting. Most players lose weight as the season progresses, so if Daye is starting the year underweight, that could be a big enough problem to keep him out of the rotation if other similarly able players at his position came to camp in shape.


  • Dec 14, 20114:22 pm
    by Scott


    Great! Now I can use him to clean my drain out with.

  • Dec 14, 201110:15 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    I hope I’m wrong, but if Daye can’t get stronger, he might just be a 6-11 Steve Kerr. Nothing wrong with that, of course. He can have a long career with his shooting accuracy, but the Pistons really need him to develop into more.

    • Dec 14, 201111:38 pm
      by gmehl1977


      Its gotta suck if you don’t pan out in the NBA when your 6’11. If you eventually get cut its gotta be hard to blend into society being when your that big. I have faith in Daye’s basketball abilities but i thought they would of had a nutritionist working very close with him. There’s gotta be something they can do to at least put some weight on him. For me there is no excuse for him losing weight.

      • Dec 14, 201111:50 pm
        by gmehl1977


        “For me there is no excuse for him losing weight”
        By this i meant that i think he should of at least set a small goal to stay the same weight as last season.

        • Dec 15, 20119:26 am
          by Patrick Hayes


          Some guys just don’t have the frame to add weight. It’s not like Daye hasn’t worked at it. He was at Impact Basketball in Vegas all summer, so I’m sure those trainers put him on a rigorous program designed to add weight and muscle. Daye obviously worked hard over the summer.

          Keith Benson and JaJuan Johnson (though both bigger than Daye) are two examples of tall guys who just haven’t been able to add weight over their college careers. Another 30-40 pounds on either guy, and they’d have been lottery picks this year.

    • Dec 15, 20118:24 am
      by Murph


      Steve Kerr?  Right about now, I’d be ecstatic if Daye ever develops into a player as nearly as productive as Kerr.  Kerr played 15 years in the NBA and won 5 NBA Championships.  And Kerr was one of the few players in NBA history to ever shoot 50% from the field, 40% from the 3 pt line, and 90% from the FT line, in a single season.

      If Austin Daye ever has a career as productive as Steve Kerr’s, it will be a miracle.

      • Dec 15, 20112:25 pm
        by frankie d


        it may, by luck, force daye into his best position: shooting guard.
        if you look at his game and don’t focus on his height, he’s a shooting guard who rebounds well.
        he’ll never be able to defend PFs and SFs very well.  he probably won’t defend SGs all that well either, but bad defense on SGs is just not as fatal as bad defense on forwards.  the backline defensively – the forwards and centers – can erase your mistakes if you are a bad defensive guard.
        but offensively, daye could be a devastating weapon, if used correctly.  post him up against any of the other guards and he has an advantage.  he’ll force the defense to do pretty radical rotations to help his defender, or he’ll force the other team to put a forward on him, which will mean that someone else will have a mismatch.
        i hope joe d is smart enough to use him where he should be used.
        i saw his dad, darren daye, play.  he was great when he got the chance to play at the guard spot, with his size and ballhandling ability.  when he played the SF spot, he was ok.  nothing special.   but because of his size – 6’7″ – teams kept putting him at the SF spot.  hope detroit doesn’t make the same mistake with his son.

        • Dec 15, 20112:31 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          That was actually the main reason I was glad Hamilton was bought out. Daye as a SG is really intriguing to me and now with Hamilton gone and Stuckey holding out, there will be minutes available there.

  • Dec 14, 201111:37 pm
    by ryan


    I’d be happy to swap weight problems with Austin. Lol.

    Sadly I think you may be right Patrick. I keep imagining us having Jrue Holiday instead of Austin Daye… uggh.

  • Jul 8, 20135:32 pm
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