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Antonio McDyess retires

Antonio McDyess is retiring, according to Mike Monroe of the San Antonio Express-News. McDyess was a class act whom Pistons fans supported even when he left Detroit. It’s a shame he never won a title.


  • Dec 19, 20116:02 pm
    by gmehl1977


    Man this is so sad. I wish he went to the Celtics and got that ring that he deserved but I will never forget the loyalty he showed the pistons by not leaving us hanging. We would of been real thin up front without him if he didn’t come back. The only thing sadder than McDyess retire without a ring was watching him lose those off the charts athleticism. It has to be said that the way he came back was just plain inspiring. Joe took a chance on McDyess when everyone else had given up on him and he never forgot that and the loyalty he showed Joe probably cost him in getting that ring. Farewell Dyess!

  • Dec 20, 20111:07 am
    by ryan


    I remember watching Antonio McDyess when he was at Alabama and he was just a joke. The combination of speed, power and leaping ability is, in my memory, the most impressive I’ve ever seen.

    I had no idea back then that he had the character and skills to match that. It’s been a pleasure to watch him over the years and I was pulling for the Spurs so hard last year because I wanted him to win a title. As great as it was to see Detroit shock the world in ’04 I’m still furious that they didn’t take care of business in ’05 and the following years. McDyess was never a switch flipper he came to play and if he didn’t come away with a championship he can say that he came back from injuries that finish some guys and then gave everything he had for a team that went deep into the playoffs several times. Enjoy retirement big fella.

  • Dec 20, 20118:27 am
    by Jeremy


    I remember opening night in 2005. Dyess got called for a bad foul and booted the ball into the seats and was kicked out of the game. I remember thinking to myself: “Great, we already have Sheed, what did Joe get us into here?” Fast forward 6 years later and I can say it was a pleasure to watch Dyess hit those baseline 15 footers. Many argue that Big Ben will have a fast track into coaching as a big man’s coach, but I think Dyess is in a good position as well. Great attitude and work ethic go a long way in my book…

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