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Will the Pistons have another top five rookie this season?

I participated in today’s ESPN 5-on-5 roundtable, which predicted which rookies will have the best seasons once the season finally gets underway. Pistons draftee Brandon Knight didn’t make anyone’s top five list. For me, he was a narrow miss. I just don’t believe, if Rodney Stuckey is back, Knight will play as big a role as some other rookies who will get big minutes right away and the chance to put up flashier statistics. If Stuckey is not back, I think Knight would struggle some but have a shot to be a top five guy by season’s end. But I picked two guys in my top five who were not lottery picks:

Patrick Hayes, PistonPowered: Kawhi Leonard. He won’t have numbers that stand out, but as an athlete who rebounds, can finish and has huge hands, the San Antonio Spurs will get him plenty of shots around the basket and he’ll make an impact with energy and hustle plays.

Patrick Hayes, PistonPowered: Kenneth Faried. Outstanding on the boards and athletic enough to make up for his lack of size, Faried landed in a perfect spot, on a fun Denver team that will run, with point guards who will find him on the break in Ty Lawson and Andre Miller. Faried will be a handful on the offensive glass.

I’m actually really excited to see the element that both of those unique players bring to their new teams. Who are your predictions for the top five rookies?


  • Nov 3, 20112:40 pm
    by DVS


    I thought you may have snuck in a homer pick there, but you’re right leaving him out.
    with Stuckey, BG, Rip and bynum on the roster, he won’t get the minutes to put up the kind of numbers that a ROY candidate should.
    He is also going to take time learning the game and finding his niche, so I view him as a bit of a project. He’s a smart and talented so I think he’ll be a good player, just not in his first season.
    my top 5 in no particular order is Leonard, Williams, Thompson, Rubio and Walker.
    I feel like Irving will have the similar “learning the game” issues as knight, but at least he’ll get minutes when Baron gets cut.

    • Nov 3, 20112:53 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Ha! I seriously considered that homer pick and try to get a Pistons related response in whenever I can, but as you said, with the crowded backcourt, I just don’t see it. Even if a trade is made, that’s still a lot of guards who will vie for minutes.

      And as for Irving, he’ll definitely have things to learn, but I think he’s a better shooter and less turnover prone than Knight right now, so that should help him be the better player as a rookie.

  • Nov 3, 20115:34 pm
    by Travis


    Any word on Stuckey? It’d wouldn’t be all bad to see what Knight has and get a nice draft pick in the process for a loaded draft.

  • Nov 3, 20115:40 pm
    by DVS


    ^^ Apparently Stuckey is in Detroit working out with Jonas, CV and BG.
    i don’t think he’s going to China. There’s too much of a risk for his next contract.

  • Nov 3, 201111:27 pm
    by Talan


    Also, apparently Brandon Knight is working out with fellow Arn Tellem clients Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook. Not bad company.

  • Nov 4, 201112:57 am
    by Flash007


    My guess is Brandon Knight might do better than some people think: I’m assuming that Stuckey slides over to the 2 and knight moves to the 1. Hamilton is likely as good as gone once the CBA agreement is finished and BG becomes 6 man…Bynum is the odd man out and will only get minutes due to an injury. My guess is as good as yours cause no one knows what is planned for us once the season actually starts, if i remember correctly before Knights press conference as a piston, dumars did say he had a meeting with stuckey about his position with the team, and also said during that conference that knight will have the ball in his hands often..if all fails then we get a top pick in a loaded draft next season. we’re gonna be an interesting team to watch either way it goes

  • Nov 4, 20114:38 am
    by gmehl1977


    I so wanted the pistons to draft Faried. If only he had of dropped further.

    • Nov 4, 201112:42 pm
      by brgulker


      Huh? I would have traded down and picked him in the middle of the first. He’s already a steal outside the lottery.

  • Nov 4, 20114:47 am
    by Ryan


    I’d say at least 25 mins/gm from Knight..there’s no reason why not…not like this team is going anywhere.

    I gotta go with Shumpert, Kanter, Irving, Thompson,  Williams.   Honorable mention Marshon Brooks..

    • Nov 4, 20118:59 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      I was really close to putting Brooks in my top five. I think he could be really good this year, but the fact that Avery Johnson isn’t the best with young players is ultimately why I left him out.

      I like Kanter too, but unless Utah moves someone, I don’t know how much he’ll play in that frontcourt. He, like Knight, is going to be caught up in a crowded rotation until they trade a player or two to open up more minutes for him.

      • Nov 4, 201112:34 pm
        by tarsier


        But that’s true of all the top rookies:
        Cleveland seems to have more combo guards than other players.
        Minnesota is hardly short on forwards.
        Nobody has more bigs than Utah.
        Pistons are loaded with guards.
        How the Walker/Augustin shakes out will be intereseting.
        Obviously Valanciunas isn’t playing and Biyombo is the biggest project from the draft.

        I’d have to consider Vesely and Thompson strong contenders for ROY. And those were the two players in consideration at 8 (before the draft) who I was really hoping Dumars wouldn’t take. But if Jefferson gets moved, Kawhi Leonard could easily end up the most deserving ( he just won’t get huge stats).

  • Nov 4, 201112:43 pm
    by brgulker


    I think it’s tough to call the Top 5, if only because I am envisioning maybe 1 or 2 standouts, and then a bunch of rotation guys who don’t sniff big minutes.

  • Nov 6, 201111:13 am
    by Murph


    My picks for the top 5 rooks are Irving, Williams, Thompson, Valanciunas (if he gets out of his European contract this season) and Walker.

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