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Vernon Macklin ‘looks in shape’

A key, yet rarely discussed,* issue of the lockout is players staying in shape. Without a set start date, it’s easy for players to postpone their pre-training camp health push. For some, this short notice might not leave enough time to recover.

By one account, that doesn’t apply to Pistons rookie Vernon Macklin. Ben Gordon, via Anthony Fenech of the Detroit Free Press, on Macklin:

"He’s a big body," Gordon said. "He looks strong, he looks athletic and he looks in shape.

Macklin worked out with Andre Iguodala and Matt Barnes in Los Angeles earlier in the month, according to Fenech.

*Unless you’re talking to Patrick, who loves predicting who will be the Shawn Kemp of this lockout.


  • Nov 27, 20115:58 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    *Unless you’re talking to Patrick, who loves predicting who will be the Shawn Kemp of this lockout.”

    The winner, of course, will be Andray Blatche. He’s already kind of fat and lazy and signed long-term. My money is on him. Charlie V has a shot at it — he’s never been a physical specimen and he had a lot of time off due to injury this summer, but he doesn’t quite pull off the lack of caring about his job the way Blatche so effortlessly does.

  • Nov 27, 20116:03 pm
    by Richard


    This is good new cause a lot of people are writing this guy off before he even gets started.. I hope that he shows promise cause we need another athletic big man that can block shoots rebounds and shoot well around the basket.. With him, Monroe, and Jonas the frontline of the Pistons future looks BRIGHT!!

    • Nov 27, 201111:32 pm
      by tarsier


      If he, Jonas, and Monroe are the frontcourt of the future, the Pistons’ future looks about as dim as anyone’s in the league. Monroe projects as a career fringe all-star, Jonas as a real desirable sub in a 7th or 8th man spot, and Macklin as a long shot to crack a rotation or stay in the league more than 2 years.

  • Nov 27, 20116:04 pm
    by detroitpcb


    The bad news is what else Gordon said: “He can free me for more shots and get some rebounds.”

  • Nov 27, 20118:52 pm
    by Saul


    I like Vernon Macklin, I think Detroit got a late steal. We need hardworking big men and he fits that bill, plus his game at Florida was very underrated. Slipping all the way to second round? That was wrong. Vernon’ll make sure teams regret passing him up for overseas project players!

  • Nov 27, 201110:54 pm
    by Faris


    One question, when will the team sites like the pistons official websote be able to start talking about players and have blogs about players and player pictures and videos just like the nba’s website?

    • Nov 28, 20118:45 am
      by tarsier


      Once the lockout is over, so probably after the new deal is signed. Right now, there is only a “handshake agreement.”

  • Nov 28, 20119:18 am
    by Josh


    i nearly forgot that if we still have charlie v this season, he’ll still miss 5 games cause of the suspension! life is good.

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