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Tom Gores declared a lockout winner

Both Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press and Henry Abbott of TrueHoop said Pistons owner Tom Gores was one of the NBA’s lockout winners. Abbott:

WINNERS: Incoming owners
In Detroit and Philadelphia, they set the purchase price in an environment of league-wide losses and labor uncertainty. Now they emerge with owner-friendly rules, high TV ratings, media-friendly young stars to drive future league-wide ratings, a better national TV deal on the horizon, promising overseas markets and the knowledge that it’ll be harder in the future for opponents to outspend them.

I definitely agree. If the NBA weren’t such a public business, I wonder whether Gores would be trying to flip the Pistons already.


  • Nov 28, 20113:53 pm
    by rob


    I’m happy for Gores, and it impresses me at how good he is at buying low/selling high. As he’s done this with all his businesses. If that carries over to players/coaches – where he just has a knack for spotting success before it happens – then the Pistons are in great hands.

    I wonder as a fan though, will this newfound profit Gores just made, be put back into the team?

    As in now be more willing to amnesty a player? And more willing to spend on acquiring new players?

  • Nov 28, 20117:39 pm
    by Saul


    Remember, at his Palace talk with Blaha, Kelser & Joe D. he said we’re going to win. I assume that means if using amnesty makes sense, he will use it. If not it’s because there’s a different plan in place.

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