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Pistons won’t use amnesty clause this offseason

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

Source: #Pistons have no plans on using amnesty clause at this time…

If this is not a bluff,* I support the move. Take another year to assess the many talented and overpaid players on the roster and don’t risk dropping the one who will turn around.

*And it very well could be, because it would be even more difficult to trade one of their amnesty candidates if other teams believe they can sign their target as a free agent.

Update: If you were at all confused by the ambiguousness of Goodwill’s “at this time,” Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press has clarification:

Like @deryNBA, @vgoodwill say: #Pistons not using amnesty clause this offseason. Hinted at that in column 2 days ago, but didnt know 4 sure.


  • Nov 30, 20113:56 pm
    by Drew


    This is so stupid. obivously the team has problems since they havent made the playoffs in almost 3 years! make a change joe dumars! this squard right now will go NO WHERE! we need a change, so freaking cut somone, like Rip, who is useless! just cuz you guys are all close doesnt mean he will change. make a move, take a chance! Detroit needs this team!

  • Nov 30, 20113:57 pm
    by jake


    i’m sorry, but gordon has had 2 full seasons to “turn it around”. the backcourt is overflowing, especially with knight now in the mix. the only reason i say to keep rip is because his contract is expiring after this season and the last year is only partially gauranteed. if they didn’t use the clause, it’d be because dumars is too hard-headed to own up to his own mistakes like always.

  • Nov 30, 20114:00 pm
    by Joe Dumars


    I still don’t buy it.

  • Nov 30, 20114:09 pm
    by alex


    Can amnesty only be used in the offseason?

    • Nov 30, 20115:33 pm
      by rob


      IMO, it makes sense for them to not rush into an amnesty, before fulling exploring all trade possibilities. For Gores, why dole out millions for nothing, when another team might be willing to pick up the tab?

      But, if they are going to amnesty someone they better find out their trade options quickly. Because if they wait too long to amnesty, they’ll be no players left in FA to spend the cap space on anyways.

      So, they might be allowed to use it in-season, but it wouldn’t make a lot of sense, if they were planning on using the cap space created to sign other players, as FA would over.

      I agree w/ others that they should know full well by now what this defunct collection of bums
      has to offer. I say spend the next week exploring trade offers, and if nothing comes, amnesty SOMEONE, so you have money to spend when FA starts on the 9th.

  • Nov 30, 20114:57 pm
    by gmehl1977


    i am disappointed about this but i am not surprised at all. Anybody know how long we have before the use of the amnesty clause expires?

  • Nov 30, 20114:59 pm
    by Sig


    Get rid of Charlie V with the amnesty clause.. he cant even play the first few games because of what happened last season. Trade Rip to Chicago or some place that will take him.. his contracts not as horrible now. Keep BG n pray that he turns his game around. Sign n trade Prince since there are many teams that want him. Same goes for Stuckey. If the Pistons are truly serious about turning their team around they need to make rapid changes and go young.

  • Nov 30, 20115:10 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    Lol!!! This is a slap in the face to all the dummies who thought we were going to use the amnesty clause on Gordon and Charlie V…lol
    Hopefully Dumars can swing a nice trade to bring us in a starting SF and decent Center…Go Pistons!..

  • Nov 30, 20117:30 pm
    by Youssif


    Amnesty Greg Monroe… send a sign that nobody’s getting Rip or BG via free agency so we can boost their trade value. 

    Just kidding, amnesty BG. He’s the most disappointing because, unlike CV, he arrived in the D with expectations.

  • Nov 30, 20117:53 pm
    by Fennis


    Good to be back!
    While I agree with the wait-and-see approach to amnesty it ignores the elephant in the room — how can Rip, Stuckey, and Gordon occupy the SG sport without spite, anger, and or apathy that will undermine team morale and chemistry. I’m all for Rip sitting for the next year+ until his contract expires, and save our amnesty for next off season. But if it’s at the risk of repeating the drama of last season USE AMNESTY NOW. They must trade or cut Rip in order for this season to be successful even from a developmental standpoint.


  • Nov 30, 20119:14 pm
    by Jason


    You should put the tweet up with Goodwill saying there was plenty of interest in Charlie V last year. No one believed me when I kept saying it.

    The coming off season moves and then next years is going to be fun.

    Dumars is FREE to do what he wants now.


  • Nov 30, 20119:15 pm
    by Daniel V.


    MLive has a nice write up about why it might make sense to hold off on using amnesty at this point.  

    Teams have until the end of the current collective bargaining agreement to use the amnesty clause (but can only be applied to players signed under the previous CBA), so there’s no reason to rush into anything.  

    The Big Mitt

  • Dec 1, 20112:15 am
    by bg8


    thats good that they aren’t using it. now with an okay coach, who can’t possibly be as dumb as kuester, can finally use this roster correctly. meaning:

    stuckey at pg (if they resign him, which i don’t see why they won’t)
    gordon at sg
    rip at sf
    cv or jonas at pf
    monroe at c

    then you got knight, daye, jonas or cv coming off the bench. that is so a playoff team.

    with frank as the coach, i expect to see rip and bg on the court together a lot more

  • Dec 1, 20113:20 am
    by Matt


    Everyone needs to stop freaking out. They will use the amnesty clause in the near future on someone, whether they use it right now or next offseason really makes no difference seeing how this team won’t compete for a title in the near future.

  • Dec 1, 20118:35 am
    by jack


    I hope this is not true.  This would be enough to push me off the Joe Dumars bandwagon, I mean he is a nice guy and all and he did win us 3 championships but this, the last 3 years and the Darko Milicic debacle is too much.  I really hope this is not true.

    • Dec 1, 201110:07 am
      by gmehl1977


      I am sure Joe wouldn’t be making the final call on whether we use the amnesty clause or not so you couldn’t blame him entirely. The final call would be made by Gores because lets face it, it going to be his millions of dollars that get shelled out. I am not happy with Joe’s last half dozen or so moves either but a lot of them were made far too quick and look where that got him so maybe re-assessing the team under coach Frank is the best way to go. At best we are going to be either a 7th or 8th seed in the east and at worst we will probably get a top 3 lottery pick. The point i am trying to make is that it doesn’t matter whether we use the amnesty now or next season as long as its on the right guy at the right time. I remember an article on pistonpowered about Gores mentioning that he will do anything to make the team better as long as its realistic, whether that be spending money or sitting court side if the team needs it. I haven’t seen anything yet that suggests he wouldn’t and he seems like a very competitive person so guess we will see. I want changes made as well but not just because of the sake of a change. Joe’s minor moves have always worked out well and i think you will see a couple throughout the season.

      Here is a quote i read once ‘You can do really well in good and bad times, as long as you stay disciplined’

  • Dec 3, 20111:41 pm
    by Ant


    Not only has Max not turned out to be what we hoped but neither has Stuck. When we let Billups go, Joe thought that he had a younger, faster, potential point guard in stuckey so we let Billups go for an inspiering contract in Iverson. Everyone knew he was a one year rental and would be gone the following season but stuckey never got into the swing of things at point. The kid has potential as a back-up on a good team which at this point in time isn’t ours. I say use him as a chip in a trade scenario for a Kamen and Williams to detroit for prince and stuckey? With that you get a home town boy with an expiring contract and a true point guard to help give some time for Knight to develop into the future franchise player that he will be on our team!
    I agree that the Pistons should hold on to the amnesty untill they know who they want to use it on because right now we have too many options to use it on. I still feel like Hamilton can score you a lot of points on any given night and he doen’t need the ball for us to score points because hes not a guy who just stands there and waits for you to give him the ball, he moves all along the court to draw double coverage and frees up a man to take an open jump shot. We just don’t have a guy who can hit it everytime! I can keep going but i have to go, but how would this look:
    Pg. Mo Williams
    sg. Hamilton
    pf. Monroe
    sf. Jerebko
    c. Kamen

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