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NBA lockout set to end

The NBA owners and players have agreed to end the lockout, and that means PistonPowered’s focus will turn to the upcoming season. We’re still going to finish “Chevette to Corvette,” but that will only supplement our posts on the 2011-12 Pistons.

Most of our coverage of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement will focus on what it means to the Pistons, but if you want to understand more about what’s happening league-wide right now, Royce Young of Eye on Basketball and Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press each wrote very informative Q and As about the lockout ending.

I’m sure I speak for many of you when I say it’s great to get this ship sailing again.

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  • Nov 27, 20111:35 pm
    by Saul


    Play ball! It’s about time. Every day anxiously reading to see if there was any deal – and now there is. Pistons can make some noise!!

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