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Kyle Singler reportedly staying in Spain

Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted earlier this week that no one helped himself more during the lockout than Pistons draftee Kyle Singler, who had some success playing professionally in Spain.

Well, it looks like the Pistons won’t benefit from that success. Wojnarowski reports Singler is staying in Spain:

Kyle Singler, the 33rd overall pick in the June NBA draft, is nearing an agreement with Real Madrid and won’t play for the Detroit Pistons this season, sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Singler, a forward out of Duke, will sign a contract for the remainder of the season in the Spanish ACB League, replacing the Dallas Mavericks’ Rudy Fernandez on the Real Madrid roster.

After an outstanding showing with Alicante in the same league – where he averaged a team-leading 15 points on 47 percent shooting – Singler decided to take the Real Madrid offer on Tuesday. A combination of his comfort level in Spain and a salary higher than that of most second-round draft picks convinced him to finish the season there, sources said.

Even as a second round pick, Singler stood a good chance at earning minutes as a rookie if Tayshaun Prince and Tracy McGrady both, as expected, sign with contending teams as free agents. This makes the Pistons even more thin at the small forward spot.


  • Nov 29, 20115:17 pm
    by DVS


    Thats bad news for detroit :(
    I was hoping he’d carry on his good play from Spain to Detroit, not just stay there.
    I hope this doesn’t encourage Joe to resign Prince.

  • Nov 29, 20115:56 pm
    by David


    Let’s face it, It’s not like he would make us a title contending team. Let him stay over there and keep developing.

    • Nov 29, 201111:38 pm
      by tarsier


      But playing well here would give him a lot more value. I’d prefer further valuation of Detroit’s assets.

  • Nov 29, 20116:11 pm
    by Travis


    A lot of second rounders are asked by the Pistons to go overseas and develop for a while. Maybe he knew that was a possibility anyways. Better to get big minutes and good playing time for a good team overseas then spotty pistons minutes. As long as this doesn’t make us resign Prince or TMac then I’m fine with this. We are contending for a nice lottery pick anyways

    • Nov 29, 20116:55 pm
      by rob


      This is true. While it was supposed to be prohibited from Joe having contact with him, for all we know, this was Joe’s idea behind the scenes, or at least done with his blessing.

      We know Joe respects the play of the euroleague, and if they knew PT would be short here, makes sense for him to continue his development there instead for a year.

      While I think Singler could’ve had a chance at starting here this year, with Daye, there just wouldn’t have been enough minutes for both to develop fully.

      Its time to give all the minutes to Daye and see what he can or can’t do. With Singler getting big minutes in Spain to develop, its kind of a win-win. By next year, we should have 2 really good, well-developed SF’s. And then can choose if we want both, or maybe trade one for something else.

  • Nov 29, 20116:16 pm
    by frankie d


    agree with david.
    a year playing lots of minutes against grown men will do nothing but make him a better player.
    by the time he gets to the nba he should be a decent pro prospect, someone who is probably capable of being a nice reserve.  at the very least.
    smart move by a guy i really disliked as a college player.  but he is definitely doing the smart thing for his pro career.  more guys should be as smart about their choices.

  • Nov 29, 20117:06 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    Eh, I’m not buying that this was the Pistons’ idea. As Woj points out, Singler played great in Spain and earned himself the chance to sign for more money than a second rounder can make in the NBA. Also, in the past when the Pistons have asked second rounders to go overseas, it has been when the team is good and that player wouldn’t be in line for minutes. That was not Singler’s situation.

    I think he was in line to get minutes with Detroit simply because their SF situation is so unclear. I doubt Prince/McGrady will be back and who knows if Daye is ready for big minutes. I would bet that Singler would’ve been playing 20ish minutes per game as a rookie. The Pistons don’t have a lot of financial flexibility to address some of their needs and Singler was a cheap option who would’ve played some for them this year.

    • Nov 29, 20118:05 pm
      by D_S_V


      I agree with Travis. Whether or not it is endorsed by Dumars, as long as this doesn’t mean the team will be more likely to keep trying to make the Hamilton/BG/Prince wingman rotation work, I’m OK with it. That’s the beauty of having young, cheap prospects rather than over paid under producing ones: waiting isn’t so bad.

    • Nov 29, 20118:30 pm
      by rob


      Who knows if the Pistons were on board or not, but Daye averaged 20 min/gm last year. I would think they want to see him take on an even bigger role now in his 3rd year, and see if he can be the main guy at SF or not. I’m thinking Jonas will probably get 10-15 min/gm at backup SF. If Daye gets 25-30/gm, thats not much left for Singler, and as a 3rd stringer at that. In Spain he can start and play more minutes, I think.

      btw, what is the length of the Spanish season? Could he come back in like March/April if they finish over there by then?

    • Nov 30, 20117:02 am
      by detroitpcb


      I agree Patrick. This was definitely a player idea, not a team idea. I’m sure Joe wanted Singler in camp.

      But we are not that thin at SF. Both Daye and JJ (if we resign him) can play that position. And if those two share minutes at the 3, i think that is the last position on the team we need to worry about.

  • Nov 29, 20117:08 pm
    by John V


    In the long run I think this will help both parties

  • Nov 29, 20117:42 pm
    by BIG MARV


    welll at leats he will be in spain getting that work he needs. I heard Vernon Macklin the guy from florida is playing well too and lost weight so mabey we can use him alot to replace singler until he comes next year.

  • Nov 29, 201110:36 pm
    by ryan


    This seems like a very smart move by Kyle Singler but not a great one for the Pistons. As people have pointed out he might’ve had a role here this year. I guess this means we’ll be force feeding Austin all Daye which I expect to not work out very well.
    I think what we’ll know by the end of the season is that Austin Daye is a situational bench guy because he’s not very good defensively. Hopefully he proves me wrong but that’s what I’m expecting.
    I do hope that this means we keep Terrico White around and see if he’s got anything other than hops.

  • Nov 30, 201112:50 am
    by Vince


    Wow. Words do not express my dissapointment to not see him play in a Pistons jersey this season :( He’s a great prospect and though his decision to stay in Spain is probs a good one, I still think he’d do better in the NBA… wee that’s my opinion. I just hope this means we don’t re-sign Prince or Tmac – not that I think they’d want to return – and that Daye and Jerebko get big minutes, I’m really looking forward to see Terrico play as well, always was a fan of him in college, I think he’s waaaay too underrated, he’s quick, great shooter, good hands, and lets not forget those hops!

  • Nov 30, 20116:24 am
    by Murph


    What a lucky break for Austin Daye.  Daye will  have one more chance to prove himself at SF, without competing for minutes Singler.

  • Nov 30, 20119:18 am
    by Patrick Hayes


    I know everyone is penciling Jerebko into the small forward mix, but remember, he’s a free agent too. He’s restricted and the Pistons will most likely do everything they can to keep him, but it’s also not a foregone conclusion that he’ll be back. Singler was nice, cheap insurance on the off chance that a team gives Jerebko a way above market offer that the Pistons aren’t comfortable matching. Jonas is similar to Rodney Stuckey — a nice player if the price is right. But if the Pistons have to overpay to keep either guy or both, they are no longer assets.

  • Nov 30, 20119:53 am
    by Murph


    “I know everyone is penciling Jerebko into the small forward mix”

    Until the Pistons acquire another big man or two, isn’t Jerebko’s most likely position PF (assuming he’s re-signed)?

    Right now, without another viable starting big man, isn’t the most likely starting frontcourt Monroe, Jerebko and Daye?  Please tell me the Pistons don’t plan on starting 37 year old Big Ben, or the defensively challenged CV.

    • Nov 30, 20119:59 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      PF is going to be his primary position I’m sure, but if Prince/McGrady both go elsewhere and Hamilton is traded or gets amnestied, he’ll see some minutes on the wing as well I think.

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