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Greg Monroe’s sophomore forecast

ESPN’s latest 5-on-5 ranks players who will be in their second year. All but one respondent had Blake Griffin and John Wall in his top two, and Greg Monroe slid into that open No. 2 slot:

Rob Mahoney, Two Man Game: Greg Monroe. One of the best kept secrets of the 2010-11 season will finally get the recognition he deserves in a yearlong role as the Pistons’ on-court leader. At 20, Monroe was a clever scorer, a strong rebounder and a natural defender. At 21, he’s poised to bring even more to the table, all while maintaining his trademark efficiency. Just a terrific — if understated — player.

Three of the other ranked Monroe third, and one picked him fourth.

I would’ve put Monroe third – behind No. 1 Blake Griffin and No. 2 John Wall.


  • Nov 7, 20111:25 pm
    by DVS


    It’s nice to see monroe get the recognition he deserves.
    He’s going to have plenty of opportunities nest season offensively and he’ll get some help of the boards with jonas back, so he’ll be in a very good position to continue improving his already impressive numbers next season.

  • Nov 7, 20111:33 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    I think Monroe will average 13pts and 8rebs for his sophomore year…Please trade for a Center Dumars!

    • Nov 7, 20113:19 pm
      by tarsier


      In what sense is Monroe not a center? I don’t get this fascination with “true centers.” As best I can tell, here is a complete list of the “true centers” in the league: Howard, Bogut, Bynum, Okafor, Perkins, Haywood, Chandler, Gortat, Gasol. Did I miss any? Monroe is among the majority of centers not suited to handle Howard 1 on 1 but otherwise just fine at the position.

      • Nov 7, 20114:36 pm
        by Patrick Hayes


        Exactly. The Pistons need a frontcourt player who defends, rebounds and can block shots. Whether that player is technically a “center” or a “power forward” doesn’t matter at all.

        • Nov 7, 20115:00 pm
          by DVS


          moose can play both spot so we just need an athletic defensive type player along side him, center or power forward.
          It’s about match ups, not strictly positions.

  • Nov 7, 20113:43 pm
    by Murph


    Yes…3rd, behind Griffin and Wall seems about right, for Monroe.

    • Nov 7, 20114:51 pm
      by tarsier


      Yeah, you could make an argument for Cousins at 3 and Monroe at 4. But either way, it does look like the rest of the basketball world has finally noticed that Monroe is for real (and a lot better than Fields or Neal).

  • Nov 7, 20115:04 pm
    by Adams


    i think Monroe is going to become a better Al Horford.

    • Nov 7, 20115:15 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Wow, I hope you’re right. Greg has a lot of work to do defensively, as a defensive rebounder and offensively if he’s going to get to Horford level. I think he has the talent and works hard enough to do it, but he’s pretty far away from that type of impact right now.

  • Nov 7, 20118:37 pm
    by gmehl1977


    I must admit i was on the Cousins bandwagon and was worried about Monroe’s upside and lack of athleticism. However last season really showed us all that hard work and character can trump natural born skill. It would be interesting to see who Joe would of taken had he had a choice of Monroe or Cousins especially with all the drama we had go down. Exposing an immature player like Cousins to the player boycott would most certainly of had long lasting effects that never of been broken.
    Anyway i must admit i am starting to get a little frustrated with no NBA and i was wondering if and when you guys think there will be a season. The only real coverage i have on the lockout over here in Australia is online and it is not looking like we will see a season for at least 2 months at the minimum the way things are going.

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