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Austin Daye’s contract not renewed by Russian team


Viktor Bychkov, general director of BC Khimki, said the club will not renew the agreement with their American small forward Austin Daye. The 23-year-old player of the NBA’s Detroit Pistons had signed a two-month contract, which now expired.

«The club will not renew the agreement with Austin Daye. The position of our club is to consider seriously players from the NBA, if we are sure the player can sign a contract until the end of the season, not until the end of the lockout,» Bychkov said as quoted by RIA Novosti.


He tallied 4.0 points and 2.5 boards per game in Euroleague Qualifying Round. In VTB League Austin Daye posted 5.5 points and 2.0 rebounds per appearance

It’s tough to determine how much Khimki was dissatisfied with Austin Daye’s play and how much the team wanted a player it knows will be available the entire season, but those numbers don’t jump off the board. An optimistic reminder: Daye’s production in two months in Russia probably doesn’t correlate with his chance of playing well in the NBA next season.


  • Nov 25, 20111:45 pm
    by DVS


    He said in an interview he was filling in for a player that was injured. He wasn’t signed to be a long term player.

  • Nov 25, 20118:12 pm
    by Saul


    Those stats could be lower because of very limited PT. Even if he did play solid minutes the team might not have had him as a focal point offensively.

  • Nov 26, 20115:11 am
    by rob


    He’s avg more in the NBA so I’m not worried.

    fwiw, THE LOCKOUT IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nov 26, 20118:24 am
    by detroitpcb


    we might just have a season so all you doubters will be able to see Austin Daye break out this year.

    and Kyle Singler and Mr. Knight should be pretty good too.

    now if we only get rid of Ben Gordon and trade for a shot blocker, i will be a happy man

  • Nov 26, 20118:44 am
    by jack


    yes sir the lock out is over.  did they say if there will be an amnesty clause.  if so who should the pistons get rid of with it.  there are 3 names, charlie v, rip or bg not in any order of preffernce though.  but the more i watches charlie play last year the more disgusted i was.  i seriously think we need to get rid of him the most from a talent perspective but rip i am sorry to say is creating the most chemistry issues in the locker room and position wise.  thoughts.

    • Nov 26, 20118:55 am
      by detroitpcb


      I believe Rip can be traded.

      The Pistons lack big men and CV has value as a role player off the bench who can come in and score in the post or from deep with the 3 – i keep him despite his allegy to rebounding.

      BG needs to go. His contract runs longer and he is paid more than the other two players you mention. Plus we have Stuckey, Rip, and Daye who can all play the two guard spot while Stuckey, Knight and Will B are at the point.

      I say get rid of the too short, too slow, no D two guard.

      • Nov 26, 20111:21 pm
        by rob


        I think its gotta be used on the player with the most money left on his contract, in order to get the most out of the amnesty. That player is Gordon.

        If you amnesty Gordon, that gives you the most money to work with in FA. I think Rip is tradeable, and I even think there are teams that would trade for CV, looking to get some more scoring in their frontcourt – possibly a team like MIA.

        Another thing to consider is I wonder teams would be able to use their Amnesty on a player they pick up in a trade. For instance, maybe you make a deal with a team thats considering amnestying a player making $10 mil/yr for 3 yrs. You have a player making $10 mil/yr for 2 yrs. If you want to take on their players contract because you want that player, maybe they make that trade, and use their amnesty on your player instead. So they get the same cap relief for this year and next, but only have to payoff $20 mil instead of $30 mil.

        • Nov 26, 20111:23 pm
          by rob


          And then we could essentially amnesty 2 players. Use our own on Gordon, and then send Rip off to another team willing to use their amnesty on him.

        • Nov 27, 20119:13 pm
          by gmehl1977


          @Rob It seems your only allowed to use amnesty for contracts existing prior to the CBA. So according to that ruling you cannot for example trade Ben Gordon to Cleveland who then in turn proceed to use there amnesty clause on him because the trade would fall under the new CBA.
          @detroitpcb I agree that Rip is trade able but mainly because the last year of his deal isn’t fully guaranteed not because of his playing abilities. I don’t think people are taking into account the other players who might become available after other teams have used there amnesty on them. For example if we used our amnesty on Rip and the following teams use there amnesty on: Atlanta on Joe Johnson, Memphis O.J. Mayo, Milwaukee on Corey Maggette, New Jersey on Travis Outlaw, New Orleans on Trevor Ariza, Oklahoma on Thabo Sefolosha, Orlando on Gilbert Arenas, Phoenix on Josh Childress, Portland on Brandon Roy, San Antonio on Richard Jefferson, Toronto on Jose Caldero then suddenly the free agent pool becomes a lot more competitive. Rip might not be the first or even sixth choice after the above players are paid out.

  • Nov 26, 20112:28 pm
    by jack


    Yes I guess that could work but you would have to get the other team on board.  What would be the benefit to the other team to take on a player they do not need to use up the amnesty clause.  They could benefit more by using it on someone already under contract.  Can not wait till Xmas day.  Stephen A. Smith said it right.  I don’t need any presents as long as I get this.  Agree 100%.  Can not wait to see how Monroe and the other young guns have improved and what Knight and the other rookies can do.  P.S.  this might polarize things but this is the year I think Stuckey finally breaks out.  The last comment is based on the stats he put up the last 5 games of the 2010-11 season as the Pistons ended up going 4 and 1.   If he comes close to that for the whole season, unlikely, those are mvp numbers.  I checked and he has never had a 5 game stretch putting up such gaudy numbers.  Maybe the light bulb has finally clicked.  I want to give the starting back court of knight and stuckey a try from day 1 but that is perhaps wishful thinking on my part.

  • Nov 26, 20113:10 pm
    by Tiko


    Does the end of the lockout mean no more Chevette to Corvette segments on Pistonpowered.com??! Please let it be true!

  • Nov 27, 20114:43 am
    by RealDet.Fan


    Amnesty Gordon? Amnesty CV? lol, you guys are hilarious. I guess you all want Dumars to just amnesty all of our talent under the Kuester era and keep Jonas Jerebko who’s shown so much promise to be a starter in this league?? hahahaha, you guys are retarded if you think Jonas or Daye will lead us to a winning season. I’m disgusted in some of my fellow Pistons fans…

    • Nov 27, 20112:31 pm
      by D_S_V


      I agree, let’s keep riding the BG/CV Express to the Finals!

    • Nov 27, 20112:50 pm
      by Jodi Jezz


      @RealDet.Fan, hahahahaha, I totally agree

    • Nov 27, 20115:14 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      It’s great to see that Jodi Jezz has a playmate now in the shallow end of the pool.

      No one here is saying that Jerebko or Daye are the keys to taking this team to the finals. What they do represent are young players who have upside and are affordable, rather than the opposite — players like Villanueva/Gordon/Hamilton who don’t have any more upside, who have severely underperformed their contracts and who are ridiculously expensive. The team is going to take some time to be rebuilt. I’d much rather be bad but have financial flexibility by relying on players like Jerebko/Daye/Knight/Monroe than be maybe a handful of wins better with no financial flexibility with a roster of limited, overpaid vets like V/Gordon/Rip.

      • Nov 28, 20116:14 pm
        by Tiko


        “It’s great to see that Jodi Jezz has a playmate now in the shallow end of the pool.”

        hahahaha I’m glad people are noticing how annoying this dude is.

        • Nov 28, 201110:03 pm
          by Jodi Jezz


          Personal attack removed

  • Nov 27, 20119:21 am
    by Tom


    Under the new deal you’re allowed to have one amnesty per year for contracts existing prior to the CBA. So seems to me we dump Rip now to make room for our other guards to play and if Gordon doesn’t turn it around this next year he is gone next off-season. If he does play better then dumping CV is an option – though I’m cautiously optimistic they will both improve to the point where it would be better to keep them than dump them for nothing.

  • Nov 27, 20116:49 pm
    by Faris


    I can’t believe you guys want to get rid of ben gordo o charlie vilaanueva when they saved us from so much lost games last season

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