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Austin Daye using time in Russia to learn how to play in structured offense

In an interesting interview with Nima Zarrabi of HoopsHype, Austin Daye compares the NBA’s style of play to Europe’s:

Are there some guys over there that you could see contributing on NBA teams if given the chance?

AD: That’s tough. Put it this way, going one-on-one and things like that, the guys here aren’t that great at it, at creating a shot for themselves. But here in Russia, they use the team aspect so well. They have sets for everything, they even have sets for counters so you can’t even make reads. In the NBA, you can come off a pick-and-roll and the guy who has the ball has the option to make the read depending on the defense. Out here, they want you to run the play exactly how they want it. And the tempo of the game here is much slower. The NBA is the fastest, of course. It’s timing and control out here. The coaches want to have control of what’s going on. I think they feel like the players would make more mistakes than they would like if they go off on their own. The pace is just different, that’s something that you have to get used to.

So, Daye will be prepared to play for Rick Carlisle, circa 2002. Lawrence Frank next season? We’ll see.

Read the rest of the interview. There’s a lot of interesting tidbits in there.


  • Nov 11, 20111:05 pm
    by detroitpcb


    It was interesting to read that the coaches have confidence in him and want him to shoot. It was also enlightening to read that the reason his minutes have been reduced is because the player he replaced has come back from an injury and the coaches want to play the people who are going to be there all season.

  • Nov 12, 201112:51 pm
    by hazen


    the most over rated piston ever…weak weak weak…but if they sign the new agreeement..i will cheer his weak shiite on!!! go pistons

  • Nov 12, 20112:49 pm
    by Tiko


    I agree 150% but I want his weak ass to start all year so we can replace him with Harrison Barnes or Anthony Davis

  • Nov 13, 20116:30 am
    by Vince


    Word is he got released from the team, so much for that…

    • Nov 13, 20111:00 pm
      by DVS


      i don;t think he got released because his contract was only 2 months.

  • Nov 13, 201111:25 am
    by detroitpcb


    u folks keep selling this kid short. he is ready to have a breakout season if there is a season.

  • Nov 13, 201112:00 pm
    by hazen


    he is a spoiled nba kid. he was better out in spokane playing for the bullgogs than here in detroit. he thinks about twitter too much. needs to work out way more than he does, if he does at all. he cant stop your 12 year old from going to the hole. this KID needs to grow up. you have fallen in love with someone who is average at best. so what he can shoot and has a sweet shot. so does 90 % of the rest of the players in the league. i will play jonas ahead of this skinny little kid any day of the week. i like what tiko said. go pistons

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