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Vernon Macklin has a video game idea

I don’t know how much Vernon Macklin will contribute to the Pistons next season, but I can say that he’s pretty funny:

Will there be a Lockout on NBA 2k that comes out tonight? Like will I be able to play a season? Or jus workout and stuff? Lol

His Twitter feed is pretty solid, if you’re not following it.


  • Oct 4, 201110:32 am
    by neutes


    how do you come out with a video game when we don’t even know what players will be playing where next season? Will J.R. Smith, Wilson Chandler, and Kenyon Martin be in it?

    • Oct 4, 201110:40 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      I haven’t found a complete list of rosters, but it does appear that Wilson Chanlder is in the game, ranked 80.

      Pistons highest ranked players are Prince at 77 and Hamilton at 76. I had such high hopes that 2K Sports would finally give Greg Monroe some respect, but I guess not.

    • Oct 4, 20112:26 pm
      by tarsier


      Odds are those players are in the game on the team they most recently played for or are in it as free agents. Either would make sense.

  • Oct 4, 20112:16 pm
    by dvs


    browsing through his tweets he said he worked out with Noah. Not a bad work out partner to have.

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