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Richard Hamilton reportedly upset with his agent’s participation in ‘Super Seven’

A group of seven of the NBA’s most powerful agents recently wrote a letter to their clients warning them not to accept a bad deal to end the NBA lockout. These agents also reported favor decertification of the NBA Players Union. One of those agents is Leon Rose, who represents Rip Hamilton. Hamilton was apparently not happy with that, via ESPN’s Chris Broussard on Twitter:

Source says Rip Hamilton told his agent Leon Rose he’s upset Rose participated in letter, which is perceived by many as anti-union.

Source adds that Rip told Rose he’ll leave & take other players with him if Rose doesn’t leave the “anti-union” group.

Just another sub-plot in the world of competing interests and agendas preventing this lockout from ending.


  • Oct 5, 20115:40 pm
    by Joe Dumars


    So another agent change for Stuckey? lol

  • Oct 5, 20116:16 pm
    by Robbie


    Well good for Rip…. These gold digging agents should have no say and Rip is letting them know it.. Now only if the other players will┬áback Rip that would go a long way……

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