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Quietly, the Pistons have an exciting stable of young players

Writing for NBC’s Pro Basketball Talk, Matt Moore touches on something that Ryan Pravato recently highlighted in a guest post for PistonPowered: the upside of the Pistons’ young talent stacks up pretty well with other young teams around the league. Here’s what Moore had to say:

Very quietly, Dumars has drafted exceptionally well over the past few years. Austin Daye, Jonas Jerebko, Greg Monroe, and Brandon Knight. You throw in a superstar wing after a year of spectacular sucking (hello, Harrison Barnes!) and you’ve got something cooking there. Fill it out with free agency after a purge and you have a real shot at building something.

Now, Moore also notes that he might over-value some of those young guys a bit because his belief in their upside isn’t justified by what they’ve actually produced to this point. But his overall point is a positive one, I think, especially coming from a national writer: the Pistons have some assets. Daye, Jerebko, Monroe and Knight all are young, cheap and have, at worst, enough talent to make them intriguing trade chips and, at best, the makings of future key players surrounding that elusive superstar that the Pistons have yet to find in this prolonged rebuilding period.


  • Oct 21, 20119:54 am
    by Quick Darshan


    Hopefully Terrico White can become a contributor as well.

  • Oct 21, 201110:36 am
    by Murph


    Yes…Terrico White.  And what about Kyle Singler?  I find it disappointing that Singler wasn’t mentioned in the article.

    If the media is so apathetic about Singler, maybe Joe should have taken a shot on a big man instead, such as Jordan Willaims, Trey Thompkins, Jeremy Tyler, Jon Leauer, Josh Harrellson or Keith Benson.

    • Oct 21, 20111:15 pm
      by DVS


      Singler seems to be doing pretty well in Spain so far, so I think Joe made a good pick.
      as Detroit fans we should know better than to listen to what most media sources say about the pistons. ;)
      We’ve got a pretty good group of young guys who look to at least become productive starters in the league.
      Stuckey, Monroe and jonas have proved they are capable of starting

  • Oct 21, 201111:42 am
    by Steve K


    Yes, and fans will pay to see these kids play. Even if they end with a dreadful W-L record.

    No reason to keep the cantankerous vets around, unless they bring some serious mentorship to the table.

    I know they’re on the hook with BG, CV, and Rip, so let’s pray for some cap relief at the lockout negotiations.

  • Oct 21, 20112:26 pm
    by tarsier


    Has any other franchise that has been around at least 25 years had fewer superstar years? I mean seriously, how sad is it that a franchise as old as Detroit has never had an MVP?

    • Oct 23, 20118:57 pm
      by DVS


      I think it’s sadder that there are teams that have had superstars and all stars but no rings.

  • Oct 22, 20114:50 pm
    by Murph


    Yes well, obviously I’m no fan of the media.

    However, you are correct that Singler is playing well in Spain, so far.  He’s leading his Lucentum (2-1) in scoring and minutes played, averaging 19.7 ppg, while shooting 58%.  And that only game Lucentum lost was the only game Singler did not start.

    I was pretty skeptical of the Singler pick.  But if he ends up having a productive NBA career, it will prove to be another 2nd round coup for Joe. 

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