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Pistons fire Eli Zaret

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

Eli Zaret , who has spent the last five years with the Pistons organization, doing sideline reporting and other television assignments, has been let go by the team’s new management.

"When they left from Skorich, they moved away from the way we promoted the Pistons," Zaret said. "It was inevitable. I wish them well. We just didn’t fit in."

Zaret doesn’t know what the future holds, other than believing the franchise will delve more into social media.

When I watched Eli Zaret on television, I always thought his smile looked forced. It just looked too big to be genuine.

But while I covered the Dennis Rodman number retirement, Zaret walked by me – no camera on him – and there was that same huge smile.


  • Oct 20, 201110:12 am
    by Patrick Hayes


    I’ve watched Eli on TV since my dad forced me to watch ‘Eli and Denny’ every Sunday. He’s a Pistons/Detroit sports fixture and hopefully some other local media outlet makes use of his vast historical knowledge of the sports landscape here.

  • Oct 20, 201110:13 am
    by dvs


    That’s a little disappointing. I liked him.
    Oh well… he wasn’t the first casualty from the new management and he won’t be the last. It’s just the way it goes when new management take over.
    All the best in the future, Eli

    • Oct 20, 20116:08 pm
      by Tiko


      shame on you, George Blaha is the man!

      • Oct 21, 20112:28 am
        by DVS


        What exactly are you talking about?? Where did I mention Blaha??

  • Oct 20, 201110:28 am
    by detroitpcb


    Wish they would fire George Blaha

    • Oct 20, 201111:05 am
      by Steve K



      He’s one of the best in the business. Compared to other PBP guys I’ve heard, Blaha ranks second to perhaps only Chick Hearn, who’s unfortunately long gone.

      Blaha is definitely a homer, but he and the even-keeled Kelser are a great fit. In fact, Detroit is blessed with great PBP guys in all 4 sports. Drive through Chicago and listen to their blather for a true appreciation of Detroit’s product.

      • Oct 20, 201112:10 pm
        by dvs


        I had League pass last season and watched a lot of games and heard a lot of the different PBP guys around the league and I have to say Detroits combo is one of the best for sure.

    • Oct 20, 201112:21 pm
      by tarsier


      I would say I wish they’d get rid of Langlois, but I don’t think his insane homerism in everything he writes is really his fault. I get the feeling that’s just his job.

  • Oct 20, 20111:37 pm
    by Jacob


    That’s a shame. I always like Zaret’s video recaps of games, interviews, etc. Seems like a genuine guy – saw him at a few games here in Dallas and he usually did have that big smile.

  • Oct 20, 20113:04 pm
    by Prelove


    Yeah, I saw him at logans in flint eating in front of me. My friend was having issues with his credit card, Zeret took on our whole bill. Great guy.

  • Oct 20, 20113:05 pm
    by Prelove


    Langlious is a puppet.

  • Oct 21, 201111:15 am
    by Matt


    Bummer. The times they are a changin’. I hope Blaha and Special K stick around. I second DVS. Lots of broadcaster out there really suck by comparison to these guys.

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