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Grant Hill calls Tracy McGrady the most talented player of generation, remembers Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, backtracks

Grant Hill:

@TheReal_TMAC He is the most talented player I ever played with or against.

Three minutes later:

@TheReal_TMAC Kobe and MJ were pretty good too

Hill also has jokes:

@TheReal_TMAC It was an honor to watch TMac dominate in the Orlando. Unfortunately, I had the best seat in the house.

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  • Oct 22, 20112:02 am
    by supertmac


    tmac is really the best player in his era!!!no one can stop on tmac attack…if he have just one player to help in scoring he might be enter into 2nd round or maybe finals.tmac is still good till now,hope he play in a good team and back as the leader of the team. go TMaC!!!!

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