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Explaining my Pistons fandom, in book form

I’ve been hanging around these internets at MLive and PistonPowered long enough to establish myself (hopefully) as someone who is at least generally competent about the Pistons. I’m definitely biased when it comes to the team, a result of my upbringing during the Bad Boys era when I became obsessed with basketball. And although I try to maintain some objectivity, I think it’s pretty clear that whether I agree with the direction of the team all the time or not, I’m always rooting for them to succeed and create more lasting memories.

Something that has always intrigued me about interacting with readers online over the last few years has been how, exactly, individual allegiances to the Pistons take shape. Plenty of otherwise reasonable people all love and root for the Pistons, but those rooting interests are formed under very different circumstances, often causing fun, heated arguments as to what, exactly, is the best direction for the team to go in.

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do is better explain, from my perspective, what has shaped my fandom and the lens through which I view the team when I’m writing about it. My solution is this book, Piston Devotion: The ups and downs of a long-term relationship with the most underappreciated franchise in sports. It’s self-published through Amazon/Create Space and has many of the elements my longer term readers should come to expect from me: snark, crudely designed graphics reminiscent of my It’s Just Sports days and even a pro wrestling reference or two. But I also try to go in-depth to explain that, despite my internet reputation, I actually am a huge fan of Bill Laimbeer. I also play revisionist and discuss how Allan Houston/Grant Hill could’ve totally led a 1990s Pistons dynasty, how, for one quarter, I believed that Amir Johnson, Carlos Delfino and Jason Maxiell looked like burgeoning All-Stars and how my brother came to be named after Adrian Dantley, among other things.

So, here’s the link one more time. I promise not to shill to hard for people to buy the book (Actually, who am I kidding? I’m shameless. Expect a lot of shilling.), but if you like what Dan and I do here at PistonPowered and you enjoy far-fetched scenarios  or want to reminisce about the enigma that was Don Reid, you might enjoy the book. Or if you enjoy telling me what a know-nothing ass I am, this will give you an abundance of new material.

There will be a Kindle version coming soon and I’ll post that link when it is available. Thanks for letting me shamelessly plug this and, if you’re so inclined, any links, Facebook mentions or Tweets to people you might know who would like the book would be greatly appreciated. And as always, feel free to hurl insults in the comments.


  • Oct 25, 20117:51 pm
    by Jacob


    Got it. I have an interesting reason for why I’m a Pistons fan – living in Texas I’m asked about it a lot. I’ve been to some Pistons/Mavs games in my Pistons paraphernalia unashamed. I enjoyed your last book Patrick and look forward to this one.

  • Oct 26, 20113:58 am
    by Ryan


    Enigma and Don Reid…well now you caught my attention.

  • Oct 26, 201110:54 am
    by Wall-E


    Congratulations on the completion of your project, Patrick.  You guys have done a great job during this lockout/offseason to bring material to your site and I appreciate the effort.

  • Oct 28, 20115:36 am
    by Mikko


    I`m ordering this book. I live basically on the opposite site of the world and somehow I`ve still been a Pistons fan for 15 years. In a country like Finland, where everything is about ice hockey I get a lot of attention just following NBA not to mention Pistons.
    Looking forward to reading this book and I´ll drop a comment here once I`ve finished it.

  • Dec 31, 20113:45 pm
    by Seth


    Hey, I bought your book and I was just wondering if your chapter on Darko was a joke because there were a lot of inaccuracies in the chapter especially regarding Darko’s stats. But maybe I read it wrong

    • Dec 31, 20116:18 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Thanks for reading Seth and yes, it was meant as a joke — it was supposed to be the bizarro wold Pistons, “What if Darko had been great?” I just kind of did it to be different from the typical way people look back on that pick, which is basically, “What if the Pistons took ‘Melo/Wade/Bosh instead?”

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