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Ben Gordon: NBA lockout could last two more years

Ben Gordon, via Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

"I think there will be more games missed," Gordon said when reached by phone as he was driving to Chicago. "I expect it might be a year or two. I realized that when I was listening to both sides during the negotiations. I think there will be a lot of games missed and more money is going to go down the drain.

Why is Gordon so pessimistic? Previous negotiations with the owners. Via Ellis:

"It just seemed scripted, and they were going through the motions," said Gordon, calling it a valuable learning experience. "Sitting there in front of them you could tell they weren’t focused on getting a deal. I still don’t know the purpose of those meetings."

Gordon – both because of his large contract and visibility in labor negotiations – has become the Pistons’ face of the lockout. The interest certainly fits with his previous training .

So, I wonder why isn’t Gordon the Pistons’ player representative?*

*It’s Austin Daye, and Jason Maxiell is his alternate. I thought Maxiell held the position. Does anyone know when Daye took over?


  • Oct 12, 201112:51 pm
    by RyanK


    Hopefully Gordon is working on his defense and ballhandling during his time off.  He’s been a major disappointment…if not for CV, Gordon would take even more criticism.

  • Oct 12, 20115:12 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    Gordon has only been a so called “disappointment” because of our major logjam at the SG position…If he had a clear role and consistent minutes I think we would still see that 18-20pts we are expecting from him…I hope he is working on his defense as well…

    • Oct 12, 20115:44 pm
      by tarsier


      18-20 ppg is only good if it is efficient and helping out the offense on the whole.

      • Oct 13, 20115:16 am
        by Jakob Eich


        In Chicago Gordon was one of the most efficient scorers in the league. His TS% was off the charts, I believe he was one of the Top 5 guards in the league in that regard. I still don’t think it was a horrible decision to sign him to that contract! Dumars got him because he wanted to trade Rip, he didn’t get the trade done and that is his fault. He probably wanted Gordon to be like Vinnie Johnson back in the days, just a guy who can score in bunches and give you the occasional quarter of 20 points.

        • Oct 13, 201112:45 pm
          by Jodi Jezz


          I agree. I thinking Gordon can still be that effective scorer or V.Johnson type player once we trade Rip. If we run a strict 3-guard rotation of Knight/Stuckey/Gordon, all three of those players would be able to receive a great deal minutes. We all know Dumars wasn’t able to trade Rip because of the ownership situation, so I think its unfair to call Gordon a “disappointment” when there wasn’t any room for him to produce.

  • Oct 13, 201112:29 am
    by detroitpcb


    When did Daye become the Pistons player rep?

    and how is he doing in Russia?

  • Oct 13, 20115:49 am
    by rob


    2 year lockout?

    Part of me wants basketball back, then part of me remembers how shady the NBA can be, and wouldn’t if the NBA became a defunct league, and a new league was formed minus David Stern.

  • Oct 13, 20115:51 am
    by rob


    edit – “I wouldn’t mind if the NBA became a defunt league….”

  • Oct 15, 20112:54 pm
    by Tim


    Gordon is talking out his ……   Just look at the breakdown on truehoop by Larry Coon a week or so ago.  By January, all of the extra money the players would have gotten with a 53% instead of 50% share will be gone.  Why in the world would they continue to hold out past that?  Principle?  It makes no sense for the majority of players to continue to hold out once that amount of money has been missed in salary.

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