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Will Rodney Stuckey be the 82nd best player in the league in 2015?

Tom Ziller, Mike Prada and Andrew Sharp of SB Nation have an interesting take on the top 100 players lists that have been all over the web during the lockout. Instead of ranking the top 100 players right now, they are predicting who they think will be the top 100 players in the NBA in 2015. The list includes current NBA players, incoming rookies and even some current college and highly recruited high school players.

Rodney Stuckey was the first Piston to make the list, coming in at 82. Sharp believes Stuckey will be about the same player then as he is now:

But Rodney Stuckey’s credentials in 2015 are pretty much the same as his credentials now. He’ll be quietly solid, he’ll probably be one of the bright spots on an otherwise mediocre team, and he won’t be quite good enough to qualify for “one of the most underrated players in the league” status. But where Devin Harris seems like a guy who’ll fade to Bolivia, Stuckey seems like a guy’s who’ll be lurking in the NBA’s middle tier for at least another few years, and probably longer.

I like to think by 2015, the Pistons will be a bit better than mediocre, but I don’t disagree with Sharp’s assessment of Stuckey. I think he is what he is right now — a solid combo guard who would have a prominent role either as a fourth or fifth best starter or key reserve on a good team or a top one or two starter on a poor team, as he was last season.

I’m more interested to see where some other Pistons end up, particularly Greg Monroe and Brandon Knight.


  • Sep 6, 201111:10 am
    by brgulker


    Monroe’s already better than Stuckey. Leaving him off the list simply illustrates how under-appreciated guys like Monroe always are, and of course, how under-appreciated Monroe was last season.

    • Sep 6, 201112:22 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      They didn’t leave him off the list, they’ve only unveiled Nos. 82-100 so far. I think Monroe will finish much higher in this list.

  • Sep 6, 201112:07 pm
    by tarsier


    Could you put up a link to the original list?

  • Sep 6, 20112:08 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    Hahaha, dont listen to these writers! They don’t know the game of basketball…

    • Sep 6, 20112:18 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      And yet here you are, reading what we have to say every day.

      • Sep 6, 20113:26 pm
        by tarsier


        Well how else would he be able to point out your ignorance?
        jk :)

  • Sep 6, 20113:27 pm
    by tarsier


    Although, if you believe Stuckey is what he is at this point, then there is really no reason to re-sign him. He will command a salary at least commensurate with his current level.

  • Sep 6, 20114:32 pm
    by Laser


    i gotta say, as a fella with no faith whatsoever in joe dumars and who shits on this team like it’s my job, the notion that there’s any good reason to believe this team will be mediocre in 2015 is absurd on its face. the only piston we have under contract through 2015 is greg monroe (and likely brandon knight, but he’s not currently reflected on the books at hoopshype.com), so nobody who expects to be taken seriously would bother to project what the roster will look like.
    assuming joe dumars doesn’t sell the future to save face (for example, unloading rip along with a hefty tax), the thing that’s killing this team are horrendous contracts that all expire by 2014. maybe this isn’t a safe assumption, but if dumars really has a three year window to fix this atrocity, this should be a perfectly decent team. there isn’t a reason on earth it shouldn’t be.

    • Sep 6, 20115:24 pm
      by tarsier


      mediocre=decent Decent has better connotations so maybe you can call mediocre 35-40 wins and decent 40-45 wins, but close enough.  And there is no basis to predict really anything for any team in 2015. Your safest bet for most teams will be about 40 wins. Because that is the average. And 4 years can create a complete overhaul of power. Only a few like the Thunder can be predicted to still be real good then.

  • Sep 6, 20114:35 pm
    by Adrià


    OK, I think this list by now it’s a funny think. It helps us to know some young players and stadistics we didn’t realized that were there. But the problem will arrive at the top spots. Who do you think it will be the best player in 2015? Kevin Durant, Lebron James, Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin?
    Now it’s allright, it gives us future prespective, but the top 5 will cause a lot of controversial. It would be more useful a list in orther from worse to better of the 30 teams of the NBA in the 2015. That’d be cool.

  • Sep 6, 201111:35 pm
    by qm22


    Here is a CRAZY alternative scenario where instead of staying remarkably the same Stuckey becomes the 5′th most productive SG in the NBA.
    Crazy rationale:
    1. Stuckey eventually moves to SG.
    2. Frank is a better coach than Kuester and does not play Stuckey in a antithetical role to his strengths where he (slowly) force feeds shot clock burning isolations half the posessions. There is a secondary CRAZY potential that Frank will get more out of his players than the recent HC who feuded with the majority of his players.
    3. Monroe and other future Pistons big men (who have more inside finishing capability than Ben Wallace and the Charlie V of recent years) bail out Stuckey when he penetrates and is collapsed on by multiple defenders, turning what were often turnovers and unfavorable shots into assists.
    4. Stuckey works on his game and makes modest improvements in one or two areas such as finishing at the rim or shooting from mid or long range.
    The cumulative effects would be enough to make him a top 5-10 SG in the league by last years standards. If he is really driven and improves more than that he is an all star/borderline all star player in the near future.
    I would also contend that Stuckey has been improving much more than his numbers indicate. Statistically he looks marginally better than he did in his rookie year but his team situation decreased drastically since then. It has certainly been a long time but we have yet to really see what Stuckey can do in his prime or what he can do as he is now but on a good/competent team.

    • Sep 7, 201112:20 pm
      by tarsier


      I too expect Stuckey to get at least somewhat better yet. but borderline all-star even may be pushing it. With Wade, Williams, Rose, Wall, Rondo, Johnson, Allen, and Irving even in the relatively weak east, how would Stuckey make a serious push for an all-star bid? (Johnson and Allen can only be expected to contend for those spots for maybe two more years, but Irving is more or less a place holder for the young guys because we don’t know which of them will break out.)

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