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Tracy McGrady is No. 178 in ESPN #NBARank

For a player who was at one time one of the four or five best players in the league, coming in at No. 178 in the ESPN NBA Rank is probably no prize for Tracy McGrady.

But after the devastating injuries McGrady has sustained in his career and along with the fact that he looked absolutely done in the handful of games he played last season, his ranking basically says that McGrady would be a top six rotation player on any team in the league, quite an accomplishment for someone who seemed like a gimmick signing when the Pistons took a flyer on him in the offseason.

Other Pistons unveiled in the rankings are: Will Bynum (188), Charlie Villanueva (191), Jonas Jerebko (206), Austin Daye (217), Ben Wallace (227), Jason Maxiell (239), Brandon Knight (267), Chris Wilcox (330), Kyle Singler (446), Terrico White (472) and Vernon Macklin (498).

If you’re on Twitter, feel free to follow along. The @NBAonESPN account is unveiling the names and picking the best comments that use the #NBARank hashtag for retweets and also featuring some on ESPN.com.


  • Sep 19, 20111:47 pm
    by mcfadden


    i wonder what the chances are that he comes back to Detroit next season. I’d say slim to none, but who knows. I would like him back personally, but only if Prince and Hamilton are gone.

    • Sep 19, 20118:10 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      I would guess there is no chance, but the wildcard is who knows exactly what McGrady’s motivations are? I think he’d like a championship, but he certainly doesn’t seem consumed by it. If the Pistons moved Hamilton and/or Prince, maybe the opportunity to play more minutes then he’d be able to on a contender would appeal to him. But like I said, I would guess there’s almost a zero percent chance that he wants to come back and the front office wants him back.

  • Sep 19, 201111:05 pm
    by jame


    I think t-mac already know where he wants to play.


  • Sep 19, 201111:14 pm
    by Stephen


    As part of my GMing from the sofa, Detroit would sign McGrady w/the understanding that come Feb they’d trade him to whoever he wanted.

    If we assume the core of the team for the next few yrs is Monroe,Knight,Daye,Jerebko and Stuckey,having a vet like McGrady who passes the ball could really help their development.
    W/Daye showing an increasing willingness to play D-and perhaps the ability to do so-a starting line-up of Stuckey,McGrady,Daye,Jerebko and Monroe might be undersized but active and w/exception of McGrady able to get out and run-and T-Mac makes great outlet passes.
    One of the more interesting tidbits from your assists posts was McGrady Per 36 assisted to Monroe vver a third more than anyone else,over a fourth more to Daye,and a hair less to Stuckey than Bynum but over 60% more frequently than any other Piston. Jerebko we don’t know,but he seems to be the kind of active cutting player McGrady likes to pass to.

    I’m don’t think McGrady should get more than 25-30 minutes and allows  the team to let Knight get his NBA bearings by coming off bench as third guard until McGrady gets traded.
    (And yes,I’m assuming Gordon and Hamilton are not on the team.)

    • Sep 20, 20119:08 am
      by tarsier


      What I don’t understand is why they didn’t trade him last season. He wouldn’t have netted them a ton. But surely some contender would have parted with a late first rounder or two future second rounders or something for him. And that was more than he was worth to the Pistons given that he is likely to not play for them again this year.

      But as for your scenario, what incentive is there to TMac to sign with Detroit in the hopes of being traded midseason? Why not just sign with the “whoever he wants?” Is it so he can see which teams are the most likely contenders as the season unravels? While there may be some advantage to that, we can make pretty good guesses now and the risk of not being able to put together a worthwhile trade midseason seems to high for such a small advantage.

      Also, under your assumptions, how do the Pistons get rid of Rip and Gordon? ANd do the not bring anyone back who eats into some of the team’s minutes?

      • Sep 20, 201111:39 am
        by Stephen


        Steady minutes early,further rehab of game and reputation and to be blunt,cherry picking.
        At the trade deadline he’d have a very good idea of who this yr’s top contending teams will be-and just as important,they’d have an idea of weaknesses(or injuries) that perhaps McGrady could alleviate.

        • Sep 20, 20111:38 pm
          by tarsier


          But you do realize that he couldn’t possibly have a “you-must-trade-me-to-a-team-of-my-choice” clause. Dumars may be nice enough to have an understood agreement to shop him to contenders. But he would take the offer from whichever one gives him the best deal. So that kinda nullifies the knowing who is out front bit. And that is a necessary bit of leverage for Dumars to have. Because if he didn’t, then whichever team McGrady wanted to switch to could offer virtually nothing in return (like an option to switch second rounders 4 years down the road). And if that were the case, what incentive would the Pistons have to sign McGrady in the first place?

  • Sep 20, 201112:54 am
    by neutes


    I wouldn’t want T-Mac back. It’s such a tough call, but hindsight if I had to do it over again I wouldn’t have signed him in the first place. He was fun to watch, he showed glimpses of his old self, he showed Pistons fans what basketball awareness actually was since we’ve been lacking it lately, but in the end what did it accomplish? He muddied the rotation even more and cost us a chance at Valanciunas or Biyombo. When you’re a bad team you have to focus on the long-term.

    • Sep 20, 20119:28 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      I think the one redeeming value to signing McGrady last season was that I do believe he helped Monroe’s development and confidence. McGrady looked for Monroe all the time, got him easy baskets and was basically the only guard who seemed all that interested in doing that. So if McGrady’s presence/play had some positive impacts on Monroe, I think the signing was worth it.

  • Sep 20, 20116:49 am
    by Vince


    Hey guys, didn’t know where to go for this but there is some little Terrico White action from Impact League that I found browsing Youtube! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axkq_vxzPb8 Anyways, theres also some footage I think of Greg Monroe at the Clash of Superstars on slamonline, nothing spectacular though… So yeah enjoy… Any videos of Daye or Singler? I really want to see how they’re developing…

  • Sep 20, 20116:57 am
    by Vince


    Oh yeah and Slam had a nice piece for Sheed’s birthday, good memories.

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