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Rodney Stuckey shows progress scoring and passing in pick-and-rolls

Sebastian Pruiti’s “Taking the Next Step” series for Basketball Prospectus turned to Rodney Stuckey today, and Pruiti was very impressed with Stuckey’s improvement running pick-and-rolls:

Playing with his head up and demonstrating a willingness to share, Stuckey was not only able to hit the roll man when open, but he was also able to survey the court and hit cutters and spot-up shooters outside of the pick-and-roll. This is a huge reason why his assist rate jumped from 24.27 to 34.10 percent.

Two seasons ago, Stuckey was looking for his own offense 61 percent of the time in the pick-and-roll. Last year, that number dropped to 51.1 percent.

Great stuff, and if you’re a Basketball Prospectus subscriber, you should check out the rest of the post, including the accompanying videos.


  • Sep 16, 20115:22 pm
    by RyanK


    Stuckey has value, but he’s hurt himself badly with his behavior.  If he is coachable he can become and allstar.  He might not be our point guard of the future, but maybe he would be for some other team…he’s a trading chip as long as we get him to sign a reasonable deal.
    Stuckey passed out on the court a couple years ago…  I’ve heard nothing about the situation since.  It seems strange for it to have happened, but it would be even stranger if it never reoccurred again.  Maybe it’s nothing, but 30-50 million isn’t nothing.  There’s a reason he left on a stretcher that night and I sure hope this team doesn’t end up with a player who can’t play for health reasons.

  • Sep 16, 20119:00 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    Wow, sounds good! I can’t wait till the season starts to see Stuckey/Knight/Gordon play together…I hope Dumars makes a trade for a SF and C!!!

    • Sep 17, 20119:44 am
      by detroitpcb


      we don’t need a small forward. we have Daye and Singler and JJ who all can play that position.

      now a center?????……………that would be very nice if Joe could find us a center

      • Sep 17, 20114:53 pm
        by Jodi Jezz


        I just dont know about those three players as our future SF’s…I wouldn’t be surprised if Dumars included Daye or Jonas into a trade with Hamilton or Prince(S&T)…That might help us bring in better defenders…

  • Sep 16, 20119:08 pm
    by JT's Hoops Blog


    The Pistons will have to get rid of one of those guys.  It’s not going to be Knight as he will be considered as a building block for the new Pistons.  and it certainly will not be ben gordon as his contract is next to impossible to trade.  Stuckey will be the odd man out.

  • Sep 17, 20119:27 am
    by detroitpcb


    Stuckey should be made a modest offer, signed, and kept as the Pistons 2 guard for the next 4 or 5 years. This kid is a dangerous scorer who has improved every year in subtle ways and i couldn’t give a rat’s ass about his conflicts with Q – anybody who wants to win trapped playing for an incompetent coach is going to have issues.

    Ben Gordon is the player we need to trade. Too short to guard 2′s. Too slow to guard point guards. Bad shot selection. Careless with the ball and turnover prone. Fails to rotate the ball. Get rid of Gordon and give Austin Daye his shots while plugging Knight in at the point to let him grow.

  • Sep 17, 201112:01 pm
    by gordbrown


    And for improving in this fashion, Stuckey was essentially benched at the end of the season. I second detroitpcb, “Bad” behavior is an only natural result of perverse incentives.  Stuckey has never had proper coaching in a workable system as a starter, yet has improved every season. All you need to know about him. Also, the Pistons can certainly keep Stuckey, Gordon and Knight together. The albatross that has to go is Hamilton. His height and past achievements are no longer enough to carry is crappy attitude (and his turnover % and shooting % make Gordon seem downright responsible in comparison).

  • Sep 17, 201112:14 pm
    by detroitpcb


    Daye scored 24 last night to go with 8 boards. Over 4 days he is averaging 28 points and 8 boards.

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