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Over/under: 20 starts for Brandon Knight

I participated in ESPN’s 5-on-5 on the Central Division, and one of the questions was about Brandon Knight:

Over/Under: 20 starts for Brandon Knight in 2011-12.

I was the only participant to take the under:

Brandon Knight isn’t better than Rodney Stuckey right now, and he might not be better than Will Bynum yet. The Detroit Pistons drafted Knight for good reasons, but many of them involve Knight’s potential, not his ability to contribute as a rookie. A lengthy lockout could give him time to catch up, but fewer games would mean fewer potential starts.

Here are the other four questions:

  • Over/Under: Eastern Conference finals for the Bulls.
  • Over/Under: 42 wins for the Pacers next season.
  • Over/Under: One Bucks player in the 2012 All-Star Game.
  • Over/Under: Eight assists per game for Kyrie Irving as a rookie.


  • Sep 23, 201112:10 pm
    by Adrià


    Maybe because of the Lockout Brandon Knight won’t play over 20 games as a starter. Otherwise, I would really like seeing him start over 20 games, ’cause that would mean he’s a good point guard, and Detroit really needs one. I hope he won’t have injury problems and he develops all his potential.
    And HEY! Maybe the lockout don’t allow him to expose his potential, to learn in matches, but he can get better in what he thinks he needs to. They guy is hard-working character, that means he’s improving NOW. As much time he has, much will improve.

  • Sep 23, 20111:38 pm
    by JT's Hoops Blog


    I would not underestimate him.  Remember when Brandon Jennings got drafted.  Many thought Lunke Ridnour would start, but Jennings dis surprising everyone.  Detoit seriosly will have nothing to lose starting Wright, since their two other PGs aren’t that great to begin with.

    • Sep 23, 20113:02 pm
      by tarsier


      They’d have one big thing to lose which is that they have to get Wright on their team somehow. I’m not entirely sure which Wright we are talking about (Brandan, Dorell, Julian, Wilbur, Orville)? But Detroit doesn’t employ any of them and none are worth trading for or signing.

  • Sep 23, 20112:06 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    I don’t mean to troll, but lets just try to trade Brandon Knight for Deron Williams…The Nets suck and Deron isn’t going to resign there…

    • Sep 23, 20112:14 pm
      by neutes


      Sounds good. Let’s trade Knight period. Maybe some team will take Gordon off our hands if we give them Knight. Or maybe we can actually get a good player in the deal, either way I’ll take it.

  • Sep 23, 20112:23 pm
    by DVS


    Jodi jodi jodi…. I’m assuming you’re the same Jodi from realgm…. did you not listen to what people told you there??
    If the pistons want Deron Williams, they’ll have to give up far too much. Monroe, knight and draft picks would most likely have to be sent out and seeing as the nets just sent out a similar package to get Williams, i’d be very surprised to see them trade him.
    Now that the nets have cap space they’re going to want to get the pieces to contend, not rebuild.

    • Sep 23, 20112:26 pm
      by Jodi Jezz


      LOL…DVS, my realgm.com brother! Are you new to this website?

  • Sep 23, 20113:43 pm
    by DVS


    not really, i just don’t really post on here…. but i saw you up here with your knight for Deron ideas and i couldn’t help myself.. haha :)

  • Sep 23, 20113:46 pm
    by Adrià


    Hey, men!!! Why every single basketball discusion has to turn out into a nowhere going argue¿?
    C’mon! We’re hear to talk about what’s Detroit’s future, not to insult ourselves or being disrespect with the others. PLEASE, Detroit fans, we must keep together to encourage our team!

    • Sep 23, 20113:54 pm
      by tarsier


      Because if you agree with someone, there’s really not much more to say. If you disagree with someone, there is. Ergo, most responses disagree with the previous comment. Also, as long as everyone is respectful and civil, there is nothing wrong with an argument. It can be enjoyable for some people.

    • Sep 23, 20114:00 pm
      by DVS


      There’s no disrespecting or insulting going on… just a bit of fun.
      Anyways, I hope knight does get to a point where both he and the team is comfortable with him starting. Whether that’s 20 games or not is hard to say, but if he develops in a similar manner to Monroe we’d all be ecstatic.
      Unfortunately it’s hard to see where the minutes will come from for Knight. Dumars mentioned he wants to allow knight to play through his mistakes, which suggests he’ll be giving steady minutes, but with the guard rotation as it is i don’t know how it’ll all work out. Good Luck Frank!
      Let’s hope we can move Rip and/or BG so that Knight gets plenty of minutes and he and  Stuckey get a chance to build some chemistry.

    • Sep 23, 20116:38 pm
      by Jodi Jezz


      Insult ourselves or disrespect others?? I feel everybody here is getting there point across respectfully…Nothing wrong with a little debate here and there…We all have something in common, we all want the best for our Pistons!

  • Sep 24, 201111:21 am
    by jj


    I think Hayes’ point is that it’s bad for a team to sit a vet who’s pretty good (Stuckey) for a rookie who’s promising but not good yet (Knight). Not good for morale–what message does it send to the rest of the squad, how does it effect a competitive environment? That being the case, if Stuck resigns, he’s gotta get the lion’s share this year. If he doesn’t, we should see lots of Knight.
    Also, JT’s Hoops, Brandon Jennings isn’t really a good player yet. Luke Ridnour was probably better than him his rookie year and, all other things being equal, should have started over him. He made some headlines with that big 50-point game his rookie year, but overall he was below average as a starting PG the past two years. Last year he was better than as a rookie, and he shot 39%, averaged 5 assists (despite 35 mins as the starting 1), and rarely got to the line. We would not be very happy if that’s what Knight is two years into the league.

  • Sep 24, 20113:44 pm
    by Hao


    Maybe trade can solve the problems, too many PG/SG but no good PF yet.

    • Sep 25, 20119:52 am
      by tarsier


      Yeah, but trade who for whom? Just saying address an issue through trade makes it sound easy. Fact is, out of 30 teams, there are not very many with the inverse problem (plausible trade partners), and they have more options (leverage).

  • Sep 26, 20111:39 pm
    by rob


    Over/under 20? That’s extremely low, imo. Maybe if the season is shortened, but if we’re talking 82 games, I expect Knight to start all 82.

    Who else do they have to start at PG, if not Knight?

    Stuckey? Bynum? .

    Come on….Does anyone really think this new regime is going to continue with the Stuckey PG experiment debacle? They just drafted a PG 8th overall, who has without a doubt more potential than Stuckey ever had. So what would be the point of contuing one more minute of Stuckey’s development as a PG, when you have a guy that’s going to be better that needs development too? Knight is the future face of the franchise at PG, not Stuckey. It makes no sense to not start Knight from game 1 and throughout the whole season. Not to mention Stuckey has to even be re-signed.

    Looking back on it, its clear Monroe should’ve started every game last year. The Pistons will learn from that mistake and start Knight from day 1, imo. Monroe still had a great year, but it should’ve been even greater had they not held him back intentionally for no reason.

    • Sep 26, 20112:03 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      I think it’s debatable that Knight has more upside than Stuckey had. Stuckey coming out of college was bigger, stronger and more athletic than Knight. Knight is a better shooter.

      And as far as right now, Stuckey is far superior as a player. Knight could very well impress in camp and be further along than anyone hoped, but the fact is, he’s a 19-year-old point guard who shot the ball inconsistently and was turnover prone in one year of college. In the long run, Knight could blossom into a star. But right now, Stuckey and Bynum are clearly better.

      And Monroe wasn’t held back “for no reason.” Did you watch his summer league and preseason performances? He struggled. Hell, he struggled the first month of the season when he finally did get minutes. He played 18 minutes a game in November (15 games) and shot 35 percent. The coaching staff did a good job developing Monroe. It’s one of the only things they did a good job of. Monroe got more minutes when he earned them by being better than the players in front of him, which is exactly the lesson you want to teach young players. Knight shouldn’t play the bulk of the minutes or start until he’s better than Stuckey and Bynum.

      • Sep 27, 20118:49 am
        by tarsier


        Pistons fans overrate Monroe’s capacity from the beginning of the season as much as everyone else underrates how good he was at the end.

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