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Don’t call Austin Daye soft

Ben Golliver of BlazersEdge and CBS Sports is in Las Vegas for the Impact Training Series where Austin Daye is currently playing along with several other pros. Golliver caught this exchange between Daye and Dahntay Jones of the Indiana Pacers:

Dahntay Jones calls Austin Daye soft. Daye replies by signaling towards media & saying, “You’ve got the worst game in here, ask any of them”

Boom, roasted. I’ve said this a few times, but there is no Piston I’m more excited to watch once the season starts than Daye. I’m not yet convinced that he’s anything more than a solid shooter/bench scorer at the NBA level, but I think he’s had a great offseason, and stories like that give me hope that his toughness and confidence, two aspects of his makeup that needed some work, have improved.


  • Sep 15, 201110:19 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    LOL!! LOL, these writers are funny!! Daye is good, but he doesn’t play any defense! I guess that’s why Dahntay Jones said he was soft…

    • Sep 16, 20118:47 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      Daye is a better defender than Ben Gordon or Charlie Villanueva, two players you routinely defend. He’s skinny and lacks strength, which hurts him vs. stronger players. That’s different than being a bad defender.

      • Sep 16, 201111:40 pm
        by detroitpcb


        and he lacks lateral foor speed on the outside but is intelligent and uses his length to challenge and recover. His biggest issue is going to be getting around screens and the coach simply has to design a system were Daye can switch out of those situations or have the weak side help always shade towards the middle when Daye’s man comes off a screen and starts to penetrate.

        His liabilities are easily covered by a good scheme

        and the kid rebounds……….and runs the floor.

        • Sep 17, 201111:46 am
          by rob


          at 6-11 it should be no surprise that he lacks lateral foot speed on the perimeter.

          I think the best way to play him on defense is at the 2, with a shot-blocker at the rim. That way, he can afford to get beat off the dribble by the SG, but then that SG is going to have to deal with 2 layers of defense. Daye first, coming from behind for his over the back block. And then if he misses, he still has the shot-blocker at the rim to cover for him.

          Where we find that shot-blocker is still unknown, lol.

  • Sep 16, 20116:41 am
    by detroitpcb


    After scoring 30 points and gathering 10 rebounds on day one, Daye poured in 33 points and grabbed 6 rebounds on day two and collected 29 points and 8 boards on day three.

    and he can talk trash too.

  • Sep 16, 20117:54 am
    by detroitpcb


    Don’t call somebody who averages 8 boards soft!

    and any coach worth a damn can hide Daye’s defensive liabilities.

  • Sep 16, 20119:26 am
    by tarsier


    I am impressed with Daye’s performance. But I am unconvinced until he does it in the NBA. This is not too different than putting up good numbers in summer league.

  • Sep 16, 201110:36 am
    by Jason


    I would rather have Prince than Daye for the next 3 years.

    • Sep 16, 201111:36 pm
      by detroitpcb


      Jason, you are nuts.

      Prince is a nice #3 option but he has been forced to play the #1 option in Detroit the last two years. You can plainly see that Detroit has not won much during that period. Daye is already worthy of getting 15 to 17 shots per game as a #2 scorer and will gradually become as efficient as Tay, but be far more dangerous to go on a roll. Daye has potential to be a 20 point, 8 board player. Tay is just going to decline after next year.

  • Sep 17, 201111:06 am
    by hazen


    jason is right.. tayshaun in his rookie season saved the playoffs by stopping iverson and mcgrady in their primes..tayshaun is a olympian that won a gold medal and an nba championship. austin daye will never win both, tay is not a spoiled twitter twitting son of an nba player and lastly, tayshaun went 4 years at kentucky and daye went to gonzaga for 2 and did not graduate. spoiled kids do not grow up fast or strong. he is slow and weak. why do you guys continually say “potential 20 points” no way will he average 8 rebounds a game. daye is weak weak weak and you compare his defense with ben gordon or chuckie v? those 3 players are the weakest defenders this side of chuck nevitt. daye hasn’t even showed that he can score in droves. i hope we package him in a trade with chuckie v and gordo and say by to the 3 weakest pistons in recent history.

  • Sep 17, 201111:08 am
    by hazen


    we all know you couldn’t trade chuckie v, gordo and daye in a package. no one is that dumb

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