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Brandon Knight projected as the 55th-best NBA player in 2015

I linked to SB Nation’s continuing countdown of who writers Tom Ziller, Andrew Sharp and Mike Prada think will be the top 99 players in 2015 and our second Piston has arrived on the list, Brandon Knight at No. 55:

Brandon Knight was 4.0 student in high school. Brandon Knight became the go-to scorer in crunch time for Kentucky last season, and carried his team to the FInal Four. Brandon Knight looked pissed on draft night. He may not have the skills and/or athleticism to crack the top 25 of this list, but Brandon Knight will be really good, and along with Greg Monroe, he’ll bring the Pistons back from the dead over the next few years. — Sharp

PRADA: Brandon Knight also committed five gazillion turnovers last season in the SEC.

ZILLER: I think Knight’s NBA potential depends completely on his jumper. It fell regularly enough at Kentucky that I think this ranking is fair. And besides, at least he’s not Rodney Stuckey! (Who Sharp picked in these very rankings, I might add.)

My guess is Monroe will be the only other Piston to make their list, but with Rodney Stuckey getting chosen at the 82nd spot on their list, I think the Pistons would take having three of the 99 best players in the league in 2015. It’s certainly an improvement over what they have now, and on top of that, many of the players the SB Nation guys are listing are current high school and college players, so perhaps with a little lottery luck, the Pistons add another impact player to that mix.


  • Sep 8, 20114:40 pm
    by dvs


    no offense but this seems kinda stupid to me…
    How can they be projecting a highschool kids nba career before even going to college?? i know the lock out is going take a toll on these sports writers, but this is silly IMO…
    anyways.. I hope they remember to bring this list up in 2015 to see how much they got wrong..

    • Sep 8, 20114:44 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      It’s not like they’re projecting HS kids who are unknowns. They are projecting guys like Austin Rivers, for example, who would be lottery picks if there were no minimum age requiring them to go to college.

  • Sep 8, 20115:55 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    It’s a little early to project a rookie…Lets wait until BK’s 1st season is over with at least…

    • Sep 9, 20119:15 am
      by neutes


      After his first season he might not even make the list. We need false hope now.

  • Sep 8, 20116:13 pm
    by rob


    At first I thought 55th seem like a very low ranking for a high draft pick that will be entering his prime in 2015. But thinking about it, thats basically top 10 for his position. If you figure the top ten players at each position would fill up the top 50.

    If he’s a top 10 PG going into his 4th year, I’ll very happy with that progress at only age 25. Because by the time he’s 27-28 and in the thick of his prime, he could and probably should be top 5, maybe higher, which is great. Especially considering Monroe is likely headed towards the same development timeline, and we could have a top 5 PG and top 5 Center both in their prime in about 5 years. That would be a pretty dominant duo.

  • Sep 8, 20117:50 pm
    by Levi Thieman


    @rob – i like your optimism 
    @jodi jezz – when i read your comments i often wonder whether or not you actually bothered to read beyond the article title before you start typing

  • Sep 9, 20111:14 pm
    by detroitpcb


    where does Daye rank on this list? By 2015 he will be one of the top 50 players in the league and might even be in the top 30.

    • Sep 9, 20111:36 pm
      by tarsier


      Unlikely that he will be on the list. He has the potential to make top 50 by then and maybe a tiny outside chance of top 30. But thus far, he has done nothing to show that he will reach anywhere close to his potential. Your assertion that he definitely will be at some particular level is ludicrous. But then, you do seem to think that Daye is just a notch below Durant. So I’m not too surprised. What I don’t get is where you are coming from. What has Daye ever done to display that he will even definitely still be in the league in 2015?

      • Sep 10, 20119:25 am
        by detroitpcb


        you simply do not find players with the offensive skills Daye has very often. Definitely not at #15. He was a steal and he is just going to improve as he gets stronger. When Joe drafted him, he said Daye would need 2 or 3 years to develop. That third year is here and i think Daye is ready to impress. He can shoot from deep. He can shoot off the pull up. He can shoot on the baseline. He has a decent handle and can get to the rack. He finishes if not bumped and it looks like he has gotten stronger. He sees the court and is a willing passer. He knows when to rotate the ball. He runs the court on the break and fills the lane or positions himself for the 3. He rebounds. He tries on defense, even though he lacks strength and lateral quickness.

        What is not to like about this kid?

        • Sep 11, 201112:43 am
          by tarsier


          In answer to your question: his production. But we will see. He could really come through this year. But players who can score from anywhere when they are “not bumped” are only somewhat helpful, especially when they don’t score very efficiently. Also, I have yet to see any evidence that he is getting stronger.

          • Sep 11, 20119:21 pm
            by detroitpcb

            watch that post of Daye’s highlights – Daye takes a pretty hard bump and still sweetly stokes a fall away in the lane. he couldn’t do that last year. i think he is getting stonger in his base and core. He is never going to thicken up much with his body type. He will be like Tay that way.

    • Sep 9, 20112:00 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      While rookies like Knight and college players get the benefit of being unknowns b/c we’ve yet to see them in the NBA, which helps them in these rankings because their flaws as pros haven’t been exposed, Daye has not cemented himself in the rotation yet and he shot 41 percent from the field last year.

      I think and hope he gets better. I think he works hard and has a good attitude. But there is zero chance he gets on that list.

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