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Brandon Knight, Kemba Walker tie for 267th in the ESPN #NBARank

As the top two point guards not named Kyrie Irving in this year’s draft, Brandon Knight and Kemba Walker will likely be compared throughout their careers. Prior to the draft, there were questions about who was better — take the established college star in Walker, an upper classmen who led UConn to a national title, or pluck the talented but raw freshman Knight off the John Calipari tree and hope he develops like other Calipari finds?

With the eighth pick, the Pistons had their choice and, obviously, went with Knight. But, as the numerous media personalities who voted in ESPN’s project ranking the top 500 NBA players (including this year’s incoming rookies) show, there’s still not a consensus on who the better player is. Walker and Knight finished with the exact same score in the voting, putting them tied for 267th in the rankings.

Now, as I’ve said in previous posts, it’s hard to gauge incoming rookies since they have no NBA body of work to date, which is why many are starting off low in the rankings. I think it’s a good bet that both Knight and Walker, by the end of the season, would finish much higher in the rankings. As it stands, Knight is the fifth Piston unveiled. The others are Chris Wilcox (330), Kyle Singler (446), Terrico White (472) and Vernon Macklin (498).

And, if you’re on Twitter, feel free to follow along. The @NBAonESPN account is unveiling the names and picking the best comments that use the #NBARank hashtag for retweets and also featuring some on ESPN.com.


  • Sep 2, 20111:48 pm
    by JT's Hoops Blog


    Peronally, I don’t think Brandon Wright can the answer at the point.  He needs to be less of a scorer and more of a facilitator.  There are enough combo-guards making as point guards on that team. I don’t know wtf Michael Jordan was thinking picking Kemba Walker either.  The guy’s 6 foot 1, that’s even short for a point guard and they’ll expect him to play at the two spot.  He has BUST written all over him.

    • Sep 2, 20111:55 pm
      by Jacob


      Yeah and at 6’10″ Brandan Wright needs to take on the role of a…..wait what?

    • Sep 2, 20112:02 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Who said Charlotte expects Walker to play shooting guard?

    • Sep 2, 20118:10 pm
      by tarsier


      And I think we have a winner for worst comment of the post. Patrick and Jacob pointed out the most glaring flaws in the comment. And then there’s the fact that half the sentences have to be reread to figure out what they are saying because of missing/incorrect words.

  • Sep 2, 20117:42 pm
    by Jack


    Personally I think Knight should start, and get starters minutes.  Tell Hamilton to go home and not expect to play again until he is traded.  Then play bynum 10 to 15 minutes a night and spilt up the rest of the time between knight and stuckey at 1 and 2 and the stuckey and gordon at the 2.

  • Sep 2, 20118:06 pm
    by tarsier


    That’s funny that they ended up tied given how few ties there have been and how connected their names were in this year’s draft. But I am kinda surprised. I would have expected Walker to handily beat out Knight. I thought it was a general consensus that Walker is the better player now but lacks Knight’s upside. To me, this is like if Okafor and Howard were tied in ranking immediately prior to their rookie year. Apparently, I was wrong (not necessarily about how good they are–maybe that–but definitely about the general consensus of opinion).

    • Sep 3, 20111:03 am
      by oats


      I’ve read a few opinions that has Knight already well ahead of Walker. Walker is a high volume shooter, but he just isn’t that good at it. While his turnovers aren’t as bad, Walker hasn’t exactly shown himself to be a talented facilitator. Plus, Walker is really short. Walker does have the fact that he won as an X-factor, but Knight is a Calipari guy and Calipari point guards have been effective lately. There are people that wonder if Walker can do anything better in the NBA than Knight right now. Both of these guys have a huge in discrepancy in their various talent evaluations, so it kind of makes sense that it averages out to the same score.

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