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Austin Daye agrees to deal to play in Russia, has a new agent

Jared Dudley broke the news on Twitter (yes, you read that right):

Congrats to @Adaye5 for signing a deal to play in Russia!!! He does have an NBA out I believe.

Daye later confirmed the news on via his Twitter page while letting Dudley know that he spoiled the surprise:

@JaredDudley619 it was supposed to b a surprise when I landed in LA

Daye also confirmed that he does indeed have an out clause if the NBA lockout ends:

I have an out Claude (sic) ppl I’ll b back when the season starts

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News has some details:

The third-year forward signed a deal with a Russian team; Daye, 23, departs this weekend. Only one other Piston, second-round pick Kyle Singler, has signed an overseas deal, with Spanish club Lucentum Alicante.

Daye’s deal is for two months, ending in December, Daye can opt-out in case the NBA’s collective bargaining situation is resolved quickly. Training camp would start the first week of October.

This is great news for Daye. The more game action he gets, the better. Goodwill also noted that Daye has a new agent:

Austin Daye, who left Bill Duffy, signed w/Rob Pelinka &Landmark Sports Agency. Pelinka is a fmr UM guard & is Kobe Bryant’s agent


  • Sep 21, 201110:07 pm
    by neutes


    good for daye. apparently the summer league tour is over. i’m all for guys playing overseas and not getting rusty. too bad stuckey, jerebko, and knight are without contracts otherwise i’d support them doing it as well. i’m surprised after the nuggets defections that stuckey isn’t considering it, or maybe he is, who knows. it would be great if he did.

  • Sep 22, 20117:52 am
    by detroitpcb


    awesome for Daye to get some more experience. Hope he gets paid. Those Russian teams are supposed to be slow or no pay. And lets hope he doesn’t get on a plane flight that goes down. This kid is ready to break out this year if there is a season.

  • Sep 22, 20118:48 am
    by JT's Hoops Blog


    At least he will be used to the harsh Russian winters playing in Detroit for three years.

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