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Video: Tayshaun Prince, Brandon Knight included in highlights of Kentucky pros vs. Dominican Republic exhibition

Via AllKYHoops, the highlight reel below is from last night’s exhibition game between University of Kentucky alums and the Dominican Republic. The Dominican team won 91-86. Kentucky’s team featured Pistons players Tayshaun Prince and Brandon Knight. Charlie Villanueva plays for the Dominican national team, but didn’t play in the game due to injury.


  • Aug 17, 20113:32 pm
    by Richard


    Wheres Knight at man that sucks was looking forward to see him playing with the guys!! They need to do more games like this..

    • Aug 17, 20113:41 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Haha, yeah, it would’ve been nice to see Knight more, but with John Wall and Rajon Rondo in front of him on the depth chart, he didn’t stand much of a chance at big minutes in that game.

  • Aug 17, 20114:26 pm
    by Mike Payne


    Charlie sat out injured?  Come on, he played with his broken vagina all season long.

    • Aug 17, 20118:51 pm
      by gmehl1977


      Apparently his man-tampon is owned by the pistons and cannot be used during the lockout so he is out of action until it is over. The longer the lockout goes the higher his stock will rise as it cannot dip any further.

  • Aug 17, 20119:50 pm
    by BillyRude1


    @mfmp thats the funniest thing ive heard all day bro. @patrick , it was kind of a pain in the ass to start an account on here and not really digging the comment layout too much when im on my phone. but good job on keeping busy durring this lockout

    • Aug 18, 201112:36 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Thanks Billy, we are actually working on a mobile site. Not exactly sure when that will be finished, but we definitely know that it’s a need and it is a priority for us.

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