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Tracy McGrady currently on a humanitarian tour in China

Pistons free agent Tracy McGrady just arrived in China this week for a 10-day tour that will “promote goodwill and address a number of important concerns affecting China and the world.” From China.org:

“I am honored to be back in China with my friends and those who love the great game of basketball,” McGrady said Tuesday at a Beijing press conference. “I want to express to all of you how much I love China,” he told fans.

“We may be two countries, but we are one in our goals to further develop this wonderful sport, and to help those who suffer from cancer,” he said. “Let’s join hands together and take care of our beautiful green earth, so that we all can have a healthier and better life.”

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  • Aug 23, 201112:50 pm
    by D J


    I think this is a wonderful thing that Tmac is doing.  He is obviously not interested in playing in China because he wants to win an NBA title in the U.S.  But to take the time and effort to actually travel half way around the world to promote goodwill is truely outstanding.  I know there are lots of NBA players that are doing good things but not that many as dedicated as tmac.

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