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The Palace of Auburn Hills still among the NBA’s best facilities

Jim Eichenhofer of Hornets.com recently talked to a panel of league employees to get their thoughts on the 10 best arenas in the NBA. The Palace of Auburn Hills didn’t make the top 10, but it was an honorable mention:

Detroit (Palace of Auburn Hills)
(Arthur) Triche: “The Palace started the new wave of facilities in the 1990s and it remains a quality building. While the visiting team locker room leaves a lot to be desired, the arena remains state-of-the-art.”


  • Aug 24, 201110:00 am
    by RyanK


    Too bad it’s not downtown where it belongs.  Either put it in Detroit or change the name to Auburn Hills Pistons

  • Aug 24, 201110:44 pm
    by swamp


    you are so right!

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