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Tayshaun Prince ranked the NBA’s 61st best player by Sports Illustrated’s Zach Lowe

Rodney Stuckey checked in at No. 78 on Zach Lowe’s attempt to rank the top 100 players in the NBA at Sports Illustrated’s Point Forward blog, and I dare say that Tayshaun Prince, who ranks 61st on the list, will be the last Piston to make the cut:

61. Tayshaun Prince
F, unrestricted free agent (Detroit Pistons)
Age: 31
2010-11 Stats: 14.1 PPG, 47.3 FG%, 34.7 3PT%, 4.2 RPG, 2.8 APG

We’ve apparently entered the aging wing section of the list. While Butler and Richardson are evolving, Prince really just needs to keep doing what he has always done in order to maintain his status in the league. He has been remarkably consistent, posting a PER between 15.0 and 16.2 in each of the last seven seasons, averaging about 14 points and five boards per game in each one.

If we’re searching for versatile players, Prince fits the bill. He has long been a very good defender, and even last year, amid that mess in Detroit, only 57 players allowed their individual opponents to score fewer points per possession than Prince. He was especially tough in isolation situations (opponents shot just 40-of-122), and his long arms allow him to contest shots well on the perimeter.

Prince has never been a scoring star, but he can do a bit of everything on offense — isolation work, post-ups, spot-up threes and even the occasional pick-and-roll. That’s a nice kind of player to have, especially when the shot clock is running down and someone has to do something. He gets the nod over Marion, by a hair, because of his superior shooting range.

I think all of those evaluations of Prince are pretty accurate, which is exactly why he makes more sense on a team where he could be the third or fourth option, rather than the first or second as he’s had to be for the Pistons the last two seasons.


  • Aug 5, 20119:19 am
    by neutes


    So Lowe thinks Prince is a better player than Ibaka, Varjeo, Okafor, Gortat, and Marion? Interesting.
    Bargnani? Wtf.

    • Aug 5, 20119:24 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      Yeah, I thought Prince was ranked too high as well.

      • Aug 5, 20111:01 pm
        by brgulker


        Yeah, Prince is living mostly on reputation at this point. He’s a nice piece for a Playoff team, where he’d start at SF or be a great sixth man.

  • Aug 5, 201110:45 am
    by vic


    i think making Greg Monroe our 1st option would do wonders for this team.
    Lets hope Frank thinks the same.

    • Aug 5, 201111:58 am
      by RyanK


      I didn’t see Monroe showing a lot of polish offensively last year.  He had a few moments, but the majority of this scoring came from hustle and offensive put backs.  Making him our first option…I don’t know.  Perhaps there’s a diverse offensive game we haven’t seen yet…  He’s a willing passer, so perhaps he wouldn’t be as overwhelmed as I think.
      Monroe would be a 20-10 player if he was first option.  He’d probably impress just as much with his assists stats.  How many wins would that translate into?  Maybe not a big improvement over last season, but the experience would sure help for our future.
      Greg Monroe did everything that was asked of him last year, so if he’s told the ball is going in his hands first every time down the floor, it’s exciting to think he might make huge strides in that role as well.

      • Aug 5, 20111:02 pm
        by brgulker


        He had a few moments, but the majority of this scoring came from hustle and offensive put backs.  Making him our first option…I don’t know. 

        Monroe would be a 20-10 player if he was first option. 

        Contradictory statements are contradictory.

        • Aug 5, 20115:35 pm
          by RyanK


          Not contradictory…put the ball in Monroe’s hands every time down the floor and you’d see double double turn into 20-10.  20 points has much more to do with shot attempts than scoring ability.  But you wouldn’t understand that.

          • Aug 6, 20116:43 pm
            by brgulker

            Would you like to compare playing resumes? Let me know, I’m game.

          • Aug 6, 20119:40 pm
            by Patrick Hayes

            Uh oh! The stat nerd also played the game? Get right out of town!

          • Aug 8, 201111:25 am
            by brgulker

            You can’t score 20 points per game in the NBA and not have outstanding offensive skills.

            So you can’t say with any type of consistency that Monroe doesn’t have the skillset to be a first option, and then in the next breath claim he could be a 20-10 guy if he were the first option.

            That makes no sense.  

            And that says nothing about how incredibly rare 20-10 guys are in the entire history of the NBA.

  • Aug 5, 201112:01 pm
    by RyanK


    The aggressive Tay we’ve seen in big game situations tells me he’s underrated in this.  The Tay we’ve seen the majority of his career…this probably is fair.  He’s shown he has a split personality over the years.  Last season was a contract year, so he had his best season since his last contract year…wow, what a shocker.

    • Aug 5, 201112:15 pm
      by neutes


      His FG%, FT%, 3PT%, Rebounds, Assists, and steals all dropped from the previous season, so I’d hardly say it was his best season since his other best season, whenever that was. Look at his career! He’s been the model of consistency. Every year looks almost the exact same with mild shifts in certain categories.
      He did happen to have the lowest TS% of his career last season while having the highest usage rate of his career. Think that would say he had his worst season last season, not his best.

  • Aug 5, 20112:27 pm
    by Teddy Green


    I’m a Clipper fan who wants to see a sign and trade of Chris Kaman and Ryan Gomes for Tayshaun Prince and Jason Maxiell. The hypothetical Tayshaun Prince contract would be front loaded in its structure:
    4 years $32 million with $30 million guaranteed for Tayshaun Prince….
    First year around $12 million, second year $8 million, third year $7 million, fourth year $5 million, with a team option of a $3 million buy out for the fourth and final season
    His contract become more reasonable after his second season.

    • Aug 5, 20112:39 pm
      by brgulker


      Under the current CBA, you can’t include multiple players in S&T’s. So you’d have to swap Kaman for Prince, and then come up with a separate trade for the rest.

      • Aug 5, 20116:08 pm
        by Dan Feldman


        Gulker, teams can absolutely include multiple players in a sign-and-trade in the previous CBA (no current CBA anymore).

    • Aug 5, 20115:06 pm
      by RalphHau


      If you can make this deal, I”ll throw in $2 to get him out of here.  Tay is overrated and disfunctional, not a team person.

  • Aug 5, 20112:49 pm
    by Teddy Green


    i didn’t know that. How about two separate deals: Sign and Trade of Chris Kaman for Tayshaun Prince in a front loaded deal, than Ryan Gomes for Jason Maxiell straight up.

  • Aug 5, 20118:06 pm
    by Levi Thieman


    listen teddy, tay is a bum. he has a bad attitude. 
    the idea that hamilton’s rep has been hurt by this but prince’s reputation has not is something that i have been confused by since 2009. i would love to see kaman in detroit. we should be the gm’s of our favorite teams so that we can make this trade happen

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