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Still no overseas deal for Will Bynum

Despite an earlier report by Eurobasket that Will Bynum was negotiating a return to Israel to play during the lockout, Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press talked to Bynum’s agent, who said there is nothing happening on that front as of now:

Because of his past, Bynum should be comfortable at the prospect of playing overseas. However, he enters the second year of a three-year, $9.75-million contract and there is some risk involved despite the International Basketball Federation giving the OK for players to go overseas as long as they return as soon as the lockout is settled.

The Israeli league begins play in October, which means training camps will begin soon.

“There is no specific deadline,” Bartelstein said. “If something comes up and it makes sense for Will, we will do it.”

Bynum is one of several Pistons who have at the very least said they’d consider playing overseasCharlie Villanueva, Greg Monroe and Austin Daye all said they’ve thought about it, although it appears none have got to the point of seriously looking at opportunities as of yet.


  • Aug 9, 201112:22 pm
    by Jason


    why don’t you guys put an article together and write about our teams future.  Like what Stuckey will likely get paid.  And Jerebko.  How we can trade Hamilton.  Who we may sign.  Stuff like that.  Then we all can argue with it.  Maybe we can come up with a guestimate what our lineup will look like.

  • Aug 10, 20119:53 am
    by BIG MARV


    Will can thank the NBA superstar rush for fleeing the overseas he wont have a spot nowhere as long as more NBA stars come over its messed up because just a year ago will would have a spot on any foreign team. Will just have to keep looking a team somewhere will pick him up

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