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Lawrence Frank to be introduced as the Pistons’ coach at noon tomorrow

Ryan Slocum of ABC 12:

Lawrence Frank will be introduced as the Pistons coach tomorrow at noon


  • Aug 2, 20113:09 pm
    by oracle


    Finally! I’m ready for some official Langlois spin, with hopefully some additional insight from the team officials.

  • Aug 2, 20113:32 pm
    by rob


    Me too, even though he cant discuss players, I can’t wait to hear what his overall plan/system is going to be, as well as hear from Joe and Gores.

  • Aug 2, 20116:17 pm
    by Laser


    is he allowed to discuss players without using names? he could probably tell us quite a bit about what he plans to do with this mess if he has a little room to beat around the bush. other than that, this should be pretty useless.
    heck, maybe i’ll be proven wrong, but i don’t think there’s a damn thing that can be done to make this team remotely exciting or competitive without any roster moves. so maybe it doesn’t much matter what he says or does this season.

  • Aug 2, 20118:02 pm
    by rob


    ^yeah, he could just speak on the players by using their positions. Like instead of saying what he plans for Monroe, he could say like “I plan to run the offense through our Center in the post” and stuff like that.

    I’m just curious to hear what type of team he is envisioning with all these young pieces, and how much he plans to play the young guys. I’m hoping he wants to make Monroe the focal point and run the offense through him, and give him and Knight etc both like 35+ min/gm. I pretty much got an idea of his philosphy on defense already.

    As far as this roster not being exciting. I think just getting to watch Monroe/Knight play 35+ minutes would be exciting to watch them develop together. But I fully expect roster moves to be made too once FA starts. I have a good feeling at least one of BG/CV will be traded before the season starts. So if they weed out some of the bad apples and give the young guys all the minutes, as well as acquire a nice piece or two through trades, it’ll be very exciting to watch for me.

    • Aug 2, 201110:55 pm
      by Laser


      to answer what type of team he is envisioning: an undersized, soft, jump-shooting team. our personnel dictates that, and i don’t think we’re going to be able to do much about that before the season starts. the price to unload any of these atrocious contracts is going to be too hefty to be worth it. better to suffer through another season of misery, try to cash in on rip’s expiring contract next season, then try to cash in on gordon’s and villanueva’s expiring contracts the following year. then hopefully we’ll have a roster he can actually do something with.
      as for monroe and knight, i hesitate to create any artificial MPG standards for these guys, but i think they need to play starters’ minutes. that basically means 30-35 in my book, but 35 is pretty heavy duty minutes. last season tayshaun led our team with 32.8 MPG, stuckey was second with 31.2, and nobody else logged as many as 28. also, this takes into account that last season guys were in and out of the rotation, which inflates everybody’s per game numbers. (that’s the extra-sickening thing about how bad everyone’s number were last year.) it’s just not realistic to expect sensible distribution of minutes as long as this roster is so perimeter-heavy and comprised of such an evenly mediocre collection of talent.
      my best hope, aside from a significant roster makeover (which, again, would probably be too costly in terms of future picks to be worthwhile), is to give proper minutes to our young core and simply not worry about the rest. give knight, monroe and jerebko starters’ minutes, do your best to give daye enough minutes to be properly tested for once in his career, and sort the rest accordingly. that probably means some guys get undeservedly cut from the rotation for the sake of the team, but that’s the bed dumars made.

      • Aug 3, 201110:52 am
        by neutes


        I highly doubt Knight is going to start or see 30+ minutes per game with the way our roster looks. If he did great, that means we get to lose some games and develop some talent. Starting Knight and trying to win games immediately doesn’t correlate. Starting him with the hope of winning games in the future is better. Not sure that’s ever been Dumars’ MO though.
        I’m starting to get the feeling were losing the entire season anyway. Lame.

  • Aug 2, 201111:35 pm
    by rob


    35mpg isn’t that heavy for two guys in their early 20′s. It all depends on the direction they are going. Thats what I’m interested in. Frank, Joe, and Gores can decide from the start that they are going to make the young core the focal point and give them all the minutes, and the average-at-best vets can sit and watch for all they care. Thats their decision, and the contracts dont matter. Lots of teams of the years, in all sports, have had high paid players out of the rotation because they werent producing. The Pistons arent forced to play anybody. These vets (BG, Rip, CV) have had 2 yrs to show up. They didn’t. Time to move on. That’s why I think 1 or 2 of them will be traded, or used in the amnesty clause if there is one. If not, they will get limited minutes or be deactivated.

    Is Jerebko going to lose minutes to CV at PF? No. Is Knight going to lose minutes to Rip/BG? No. Those days are over, imo. So I dont see it like that, where its just going to be a bunch of old vets getting all the PT again like the last few years.  You can tell they have moved in a new direction. By the hiring of Frank and the core that Joe constantly identifies that does not include BG, CV, or Rip whenever he mentions it.

    I just want to hear some of the details of the new direction, if possible.

    Also, we can speculate, but no one really knows how tradeable any of those 3 players(Rip/BG/CV) really are. Because the only deals Joe could even entertain the last few years were straight salary dumps. We dont know what players Joe may have been offered for these guys, but had to turn down because he couldn’t take on salary.

  • Aug 3, 20119:54 am
    by IsraeliPiston


    Don’t know where else to post this or to vent so thank you for your forum:
    “Yahoo.com’s Adrian Wojnarowski pegs Stern’s yearly contract at about $23 million.”
    Stern makes that much in salary plus all kinds of perks and expenses while teams are laying off employees.
    IMHO, Something is just not right when the commissioner makes that much money and is asking players and teams to make cuts.
    Would love to hear your take on this – my take is clear – it stinks!

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