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Kyle Singler signs with Spanish team

Via Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski:

Detroit Pistons’ draft pick Kyle Singler has reached agreement on a contract with Alicante of Spain’s top professional league, Singler’s agent told Yahoo! Sports.

Singler’s deal with Alicante contains an out clause that will allow him to return to the NBA if the league-imposed lockout ends, said Singler’s agent, Greg Lawrence.

This is a good thing for Singler. With no Summer League and most likely a shortened camp, it’s going to be hard for him or any second round pick to expect to contribute much their rookie season. I hope Vernon Macklin takes the cue and lands a deal for himself overseas as well.


  • Aug 22, 201111:33 pm
    by JT's Hoops Blog


    Singler played at Duke right?  Good for him.  he’s not sitting on his hand waiting for the player’s union and owners to come to their senses.  go make that money, Kyle.  he’ll probably be making more money in europe than in the NBA anyways so more power to him.

  • Aug 23, 20118:00 am
    by detroitpcb


    this is good news for Singler’s development. there is not going to be a season and for these young players to sit around waiting is a really bad idea. I would like to see Knight & Daye & Monroe sign deals to play somewhere too.

    • Aug 23, 201110:58 am
      by Shane


      There will be a season. Already some country’s aren’t allowing NBA locked out players to play(cough China). The players will end up giving into some of the demands of the Owners. The season will probably be shortened but will still exist.

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