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Is Lawrence Frank the 21st best coach in the NBA?

Mike Prada of SB Nation released his annual NBA coach rankings and here’s what he had to say about Lawrence Frank:

21. Lawrence Frank, Detroit Pistons (NR): The onetime New Jersey Nets coach is back with the Detroit Pistons, and I’m curious to see what he learned from serving as Doc Rivers’ lead assistant in Boston. Prior to that stint, Frank was a tireless worker and innovative thinker, but maybe didn’t have the motivational skills of some of his colleagues. He will need to brush up on those in Detroit, a team with some veterans who are difficult to prod.

I think 21 is about right for Frank. He’s ahead of the other new head coaches in the rankings and ahead of Vinny Del Negro, Larry Drew, Paul Westphal and Byron Scott among established coaches. There’s not really anyone in front of Frank, other than maybe Avery Johnson, who I could make a legit case for deserving to be ranked lower.

Hat tip, Detroit Bad Boys


  • Aug 22, 20119:44 am
    by rob


    21 is fair. He really hasnt proven himself yet as a head coach. Thats something I think he will do now with the Pistons, but until he does it, you cant really rank him very high.

    On a sidenote, I’m really tired of hearing national media say we have a bunch of malcontent veterans to control. IMO, whenever someone says that, its an immediate signal that they dont follow this team whatsoever, thus their opinion means nothing.

    Anyone who follows this team knows Tayshaun is not coming back and neither is McGrady. That leaves Rip as 1 malcontent veteran. Hardly an epidemic. And I’d bet he’s gone too by the start of the next season. 

    So who are all these hard to control veterans we have on the team?

    • Aug 22, 20119:57 am
      by RyanK


      Exhibit A: Rodney Stuckey
      Exhibit B: Austin Daye
      Exhibit C: CV
      Rip was right there helping Kuester before seasons end.  If you watched in the huddles, Rip was standing next to Kuester, point at the grease board, showing full support for the coach.
      Stuckey on the other hand had several reported bad moments; but I saw him turn his back to the coach, throw his hands in the air, and roll his eyes in displays of disrespect.
      Daye and CV were both suspended for incidents deemed internal matters.  Lets not forget CV will be gone the first 4 games of the season…thankfully that will give Detroit a better chance of starting on a 4 game win streak.  Tell me that jackwagon is easy to control.

      • Aug 22, 20111:25 pm
        by rob


        A) Stuckey is barely a veteran, only having played 3 full seasons, and is a FA who does not need to return if they think he’s such a problem.

        B) Daye is not a veteran, and probably has the best attitude besides Monroe on the whole team. If anything he was just a victim of influence, as a young player surrounded by malcontent vets last year. Like I said most of those vets are gone or will be gone.

        C) CV sucks but he’s not a malcontent. If he doesnt follow coaches orders, like defend/rebound, its because he cant physically do them or he’s lazy, not because he’s trying to show up a coach, imo.

        Bottom line though is that they didn’t hire him to coach these veterans. They hired him to coach the young players of the future, long-term.

        I’ve never heard of another situation in all of sports, where a new coach takes over a rebuilding team with lots of young talent, and its the old vets who are going to cause him to fail?

        That makes no sense whatsoever. They hired him to be the coach of the future, not the present.

        • Aug 22, 20111:45 pm
          by RyanK


          Wasn’t last season Stuckey’s 4th?
          Daye showed several bad moments over his two years in Detroit…perhaps you’re right, he’s a follower, not a leader.
          CV forwarding tweets and tweeting comments about Q over the past two seasons gives me the opinion he lacks professionalism and maturity.  He made didn’t join the mutineers in Philly, but he has done some insubordinate things.

          • Aug 22, 20112:06 pm
            by Patrick Hayes

            FWIW, Gordon also is in that Twitter boat. He replied to a #FireQ tweet last year as well I believe.

  • Aug 22, 201111:04 am
    by Murph


    21 seems about right for Frank. 

    I wonder where Woodson would have ranked on that list.   Probably higher than 21, based on the year the Hawks last season.  The Hawks had the 13th best record in the NBA.

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